Interview with Abigail Beatrice and Cecelia from ABC -Destiny by Vonks.

Interview with Abigail Beatrice and Cecelia.

Welcome Abigail Beatrice and Cecelia and a huge thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.

1) Tell us a little about yourselves. And what you are doing right now?

Abigail: I’m just a very ordinary girl from a normal, middle class family. At the moment I’m doing an online course to try to improve my qualifications and job prospects.

Beatrice: Watcha wanna know about me for? Might be getting ready to go out, but might not.  Just mind your own, right.

Cecelia: Helloo. It’s so lovely to meet you. Do come through to the drawing room and I’ll ring for some tea. Did you see my pony when you came in? Isn’t he the most gorgeous thing? I can’t spend too long chatting though. I’m getting ready for a party. It’s in the most divine nightclub. Everyone’s talking about it.

2) What are three things that make you different from each other and why?

A: I’m afraid I don’t know the other two ladies, but I think one has had a hard life and the other is a bit like royalty, so not someone I’m likely to meet if I go out with my friends for a meal.

B: Them two? One snotty nosed cow with Daddy to buy her everything, and the other one a grammar school snob who finks saying big words make her better than me. Thank Gawd I’m nuffink like eiver of em.

C: Would we have met at St Trop skiing? I don’t remember their names from finishing school. Are they famous? Unless they’re friends of one of my crowd I don’t think I know them. 

3) Who is the least favourite person in your life right now? Why?

A: I can’t think of anyone offhand. My Manager can be a bit hard sometimes but he’s only doing his job.

B: The slime bag sharing Mum’s bed. He’s not as bad as the last one but he’s still a piece of shit.

C: Daddy. He’s being really silly about not buying me the sports car I want for my birthday. Can you imagine the shame if I turned up in a Ford or something. I’d never live it down.

6) If you could swap places with a fellow person you are with or have met, who would it be? And why?

A: I can’t really think of anyone. It might be interesting to swap with Grandma for a while, but I’m not sure I could stand the hardships her generation put up with for too long.

B: None of ‘em. They’re all losers. Someone wiv a lot of money and a bit of life away from this dump would be good though. Maybe a singer or a model like you see on the telly.

C: Kate M. Wouldn’t it be fun to be married to the future king and have all those gorgeous designers flocking to dress you. I have actually met her at one of Daddy’s boring charity thingies.    

7) What is life like at home? What is your favourite memory?

A: Lovely. Dad works hard but Mum always keeps our house nice and they still hold hands sometimes. My favourite memory is when I was young and everyone came over for Christmas. I could only have been about 4 or 5 but it was magical. I still love Christmas.

B: What ya think? The sooner I can get out of here the better. My favourite Memory? The look on the git’s face when I kicked him in the goolies when he came on to me. Serves him right.

C: A bit boring actually. I can’t wait to get away to Uni and really have some fun. The exclusive opening night at Scamps was wonderful. Everyone who was anyone was there. 

9) Have you had any scary moments? Are you scared now? Tell us what happened or why you feel like this?

A: I was scared when I took my exams. After all Mum and Dad did for me I was afraid of letting them down. Luckily I got good results. I still worry a bit about the annual reviews at work but so far they’ve all been good.

B: Too many to remember. When I was younger I got scared every time I was alone with one of Mum’s fancy men, but now I can look after myself. Just let them try it and they’ll learn I’m not one to mess with.

C: I was scared when Mummy was ill. I didn’t know anything about what the servants actually did, or how to give them orders to keep the house running properly when Daddy had important guests. She’s a lot better now but actually it was easier than I thought it would be.

10) What do you dream of doing when you’re older?

A: Having a successful career then a loving, happy marriage like my parents.

B: Getting rich and seeing the world away from this dump.

C: Throwing the most successful party ever, and having the best magazines talking about it for months.

Thank you Abigail Beatrice and Cecelia for taking part in this interview. It has been a pleasure getting to know you all.

A: Thank you Katrina. It’s been lovely to meet you.

B: Yeah, whatever. Do I get paid for this?

C: Will it be in Now! Magazine? I can’t wait to show everyone.


Blurb: ABC-Destiny 

Abigail has a middle-class upbringing, Beatrice has to grow up fast as life is tough, Cecelia is part of the privileged elite. All have different backgrounds, but what do they have in common? Forced by her perverted stepfather to leave home at a young age, Delphine meets Eustace, a man of shady character, who becomes her employer and father figure.

Whilst working on an undercover investigation Frank encounters Delphine, who becomes the love of his life. She moves in with him and quickly falls pregnant. As a first-time father, working away, Frank calls every night to reassure himself, and initially everything is fine. It is only when he returns home that the nightmare begins. He is told Delphine has had a stillborn and wants no further contact with him. Meanwhile, Delphine is left alone to mourn her loss and start to rebuild her life. Destiny has entwined the lives of the characters, but will they discover the secret that binds them together?

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2 thoughts on “Interview with Abigail Beatrice and Cecelia from ABC -Destiny by Vonks.

  1. I didn’t realise how much fun it would be to have my characters speak for themselves.
    Thanks Katrina; we all enjoyed talking to you, (apart from Beatrice- but you know what she can be like.) 😉

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