My Review of The Mess of Me by Chantelle Atkins

My Review of

The Mess of Me by Chantelle Atkins

I read The Mess of Me over the Easter weekend. I found Lou, Marianne and Joe really interesting characters to follow, but the storyline is heartbreaking: Lou at sixteen to have such a bad image of her body and for Joe to be very much under his older brother’s control. However, the relationship between Joe and Lou felt very special.

The story itself follows Lou at sixteen, she feel a mess, she hates eating for the fear she will put on weight like when she was younger. Now it is summer and Lou and her friend Joe are partying it up with her friend Marianne. But, all too soon Joe gets caught up in his brother’s drug dealing and it’s not long before both Joe and Lou realize they are in way over their heads.  Will Joe get out of drug dealing? Or will this incident  turn tragic for both Lou and Joe? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I found the characters very interesting and the problems they are all dealing with are very well described. I especially like how author Chantelle showed two sides of Leon –Joes brother– because in life no one is truly good or bad. I also found the ending  shocking and very emotional to read.

But I think this story speaks of friendship, and how the choices you make can have a knock off effect on not just yourself but the people who you care and love the most. So if you like coming of age stories with strong themes and an ending that will make you feel so many emotions, then give this book a  try.

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