My Review of The Bay Of Shadows Author Samantha Wood.

My Review of

The Bay Of Shadows Author Samantha Wood.

Whoa I actually read The Bay Of Shadows. in a day and night because I couldn’t put it down, until I’d found out what happened to Elena and Daniel. I have to say this book made me have happy and also I had sad tears in my eyes. The storyline of Elena and Daniel is so powerful, touching and full of love. I couldn’t help but want them to be together forever and ever right from the start to the end.

The story itself follows Elena as she fosters Daniel after her marriage breaks down. Elena loves Daniel with all her heart and along with her dog they’ve become a little family. However, Daniel has had a terrifying past when he lived with his biological parents’ and now his father is turning up the heat to get him back. Will his scare tactics work? Or will Elena come up with a plan to save Daniel from returning to the life he’d come from? Read this gripping and touching book to find out.

I loved Elena and Daniels loving mother-son relationship in this book, as well as the stories Elena told to Daniel; they felt very mystical especially the one about the old lady who turned into a beautiful bird. I could really see this clearly in my mind and Daniel listening before falling asleep.

Author Samantha did a great job of bringing the emotions out of all her characters. I could feel their, love, heartbreak and happiness while reading this story. I think this novel really speaks of what love really mean and just how powerful love can make a person.

I would recommend The Bay Of Shadows. to anyone who likes stories with a strong plot and characters you won’t be able to stop from making their way into your heart. I’d recommend readers pick up a copy of this book.

Amazon link to The Bay Of Shadows.

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