My Guest Today Pauline Barclay is Here To Tell Us About Her latest book The Wendy House and The Chill with a Book Awards.

My Guest Today Pauline  is here to tell us about Her latest book The Wendy House and The Chill with a Book Awards.

Thank you Katrina for giving me the opportunity to be a guest on your fabulous blog, before I start rambling about my latest book and latest project, please can I offer this bottle of bubbly so we can have a tipple whilst we natter.

I am an author of six published books. They are all different stories, but emotional reads that could have you reaching for the tissues.  My latest book, The Wendy House was not the easiest book to write as it deals with child grooming and child abuse. Though The Wendy House is fiction and the storyline, location and people are all from my imagination, the concept of writing about abuse came through meeting someone.  During the years I knew this lovely lady, she told me about her own childhood and what had happened to her. It was heart breaking to listen to, but she wanted to talk about it. Then out of the blue, she asked if I would consider writing a book on the subject of child abuse.  Her stipulation was that it must be fiction. She had her reasons and I respected them.

The Wendy House is not about abduction, but how the nearest and kindest of people can deceive everyone around them.  Here is the blurb.

When Nicola changes overnight from a bright, happy young child into a sullen, rebellious girl, ceasing to show interest in anything or anyone around her, her parents struggle to understand why. As she develops into a difficult, troubled, hostile teenager they put it down to hormones, believing it will pass. Yet Nicola goes from bad to worse and no matter how much her mother tries to reach out to her, it seems she is hell bent on self-destruction. When she leaves home at seventeen, rushing into the arms of a man ten years her senior and quickly becoming pregnant, her despairing mother almost gives up on her. A decade later, the events that stole Nicola’s childhood and changed the course of her life threaten finally to destroy her. She knows if she is to cling on to her sanity she must tell her mother the dreadful secret she has carried all these years, but her fear that she will be met with disbelief, hostility and branded an evil liar drives her to the edge.

A heart-rending story of betrayal, secrets and gripping fear.

Here are a few words taken from some of the five star reviews on Amazon.

“Be prepared to get engrossed, to be taken into a story which will awaken quite a few emotions for this is a very emotional book about a very emotional subject.”

“This is a beautifully written and compelling read. There are very few novels addressing the issue of child abuse. Most books on this subject are true accounts and so I would urge readers to read this book because the writer has cleverly got inside her characters heads…”

“Writing novels that address social inadequacies is a time-honored tradition among the greatest of authors, from Charles Dickens’, OLIVER TWIST on down to Margaret Atwood’s, THE HANDMAID’S TALE. Barclay has just joined that esteemed small group with her latest release, THE WENDY HOUSE….”

The Wendy House has been honoured with an indieBRAG Award

When I am not writing I have many interest, I just wish there was more than 24 hours in a day! Last September I set up Chill with a Book Awards for Indie authors.

There are four Awards and all are designed to promote the best from Indie authors. In this short time interest in the Awards has been overwhelming. Indie authors from all over the world including USA, Australia, UK and Europe have submitted their books for consideration for an Award. Within weeks it became an international Award. This is fantastic as I want Chill Awards to be the emblem of great books by great authors and for authors to be proud to receive the accolade. Running the Awards is incredibly time consuming, but when the evaluations forms are returned and you see a great read has been discovered, it is a wonderful feeling. However, the Awards are not for everyone, only the best will be honoured.

The four Awards are.

Readers’ Award – awarded subject to readers’ evaluations

Book of the Month Award – each book honoured with a Readers’ Award is automatically nominated for a Book of the Month Award.

Book of the Year Award – each book honoured with a Book of the Month Award is automatically nominated for Book of the Year Award.

PB Award – a special Award given by me.

If Indie authors are interested in finding out more about the Award please visit The web site showcases all Awardees and is also a great place for readers to find good reads.

It is an exciting time for Indie authors and I look forward to seeing more great reads sporting one of the coveted Chill with a Book Award buttons on every book shelf.

Thank you so much Katrina for giving me the opportunity to talk about my latest book, The Wendy House and Chill Awards, an exciting venture, on your fabulous Blog site.

Wishing you and your visitors a wonderful day and I hope the sun is shining on your face and in your heart.


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