My Review Of The Third Note Author Virginia King.

The Third Note Author Virginia King.

Wow I just finished reading The Third Note, and what an adventure it was, full of folklore and old family secrets for Selkie  to investigate. I found this book very eerie, mystical and emotional in many ways. However, this story is also intriguing with lots of twist and turns throughout that kept me reading until the very end.

The story itself follow Selkie Moon as she gets send a long lost package from her great grandmother 35 years after her death, that holds a family secret from the past. She feels she has to find the truth in the hopes she can lay the past to rest for all who are connected. So Selkie and her friend Davina who is on a journey of discovery herself set off on a trip for the truth. Will Selkie discover the true message that the sender want her to know? Will her friend Davina find what she’s looking for while on their journey? You must read this book to find out.

I found the fairies folklore and the fear about fairy ring fascinating especially the way the author Virginia linked this to the story and how this also created an eerie and emotional part of the story in the characters it surrounded. I also love the supernatural feel to this book in some places the story really does make you feel cold, sad, happy all at once.

I would highly recommend this book if you love folklore and the supernatural along with a journey packed with mystery and great characters to follow with an ending that won’t disappoint.  I’d Also recommend other books in the Selkie Moon series. This is yet another phase in Selkie’s journey. Readers should check this book out.

Amazon link to The Third Note

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