My Review of Laying Ghosts Author Virginia King.

My Review of 

Laying Ghosts Author Virginia King.

Today I settled for half an hour  of reading time on this sunny afternoon. But by the time I had finished this book I had chills running through my body. Laying Ghosts is quite a story starting with Selkie and her text from her close friend to come to Crystal Cottage and help her. I loved the song running though this story it created a real eerie feel. And the mystery of what happened to Rina, Selkie’s friend kept me reading this gripping story until the very end.

The story itself is about Selkie, she gets a text from her friend Rina for her to help at Crystal Cottage. Selkie haven’t seen Rina for a long time, but as she goes off to help her friend she recalls a night at Crystal Cottage. A night with Rina and a group of friend that got out of control. Does Selkie find Rina? Will she finally be able to lay the memories from that night to rest? Read this story to find out.

I love Selkie’s character she has a mystical feel about her and she does care deeply for her friend. But also you get the feeling she is trapped in her own life too and this journey she goes on to find Rina in some ways help her look closer at herself.

I would recommend Laying Ghosts to anyone who like a quick but gripping read with strong adult themes running through the storyline. And interesting characters with an ending that doesn’t disappoint.  You should really check this story out. And if you like this go read The First Lie (Full novel) and a really great read.

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