My Review of The Fruit Woman Kate Rigby

The Fruit Woman Kate Rigby

The Fruit Woman is a touching and interesting coming of age story. Told through Helen’s eyes  as she goes on holiday with her extended family. While there she remises about her childhood  and her friend from the past. As she gets  a warning from the fruit woman. I found Helen dream-like in her thoughts as she discovered what she believed in and her own sexuality that comes with growing up.

The story itself was about Helen and her extended family as they all went on holiday, while there she gets a message from the fruit woman as she watches her mum’s with her beliefs and think of her friends at all different stages of growing up. She discovers many things about herself as a growing woman. And  while still on her holiday she learns that her friend Christine Wigg, who suffered a rape  was coming to join them, Now Helen is questioning why she’s coming on the trip? Will she find out? Read this book to find out.

I loved the Gran in this story I thought she was a great character and some of the family members were fun to follow and easy to picture while reading this story. I also thought Christine’s story was heartbreaking and the author did a great job at portraying what happened to her, but also Helen’s fears and thoughts which I  thought tied in with her feeling towards guys she’d met in the past.

I would recommend this book to anyone who like coming of age stories with strong themes and an interesting take on becoming a woman. Also  if you love following interesting character of all ages this book is for you.

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