My Review of She Looks Pale Author Kate Rigby

She Looks Pale Author Kate Rigby

I sat by the window on this nice sunny afternoon and read She Looks Pale. A very well written novelette. This story was told from Hannah’s point of view. I found it a bit heartbreaking  for a  girl so young to be confined and overprotected  by her parent. But at the same time the story kept my interest until the very end.

The Story itself was about a young girl called Hannah who at a young age became very unwell  and her parents’ became so focused on protecting her from the world, from germs and outside influences because of their fear those things would make her ill again. Does she manage to overcome her parents’ fears and cling onto her childhood? Read this book to find out.

I thought Kate  did a great job at creating emotion in her characters and in some ways it’s easy to relate to Hannah, even to her parents’. I loved the part about how her mother got her to read books and imagine and the real sense over time her childhood was slipping away and she was becoming a bystander in her own life, watching as friend played like she should have been playing.

I also found the ending rather emotional  but very well written.

I would recommend this book if you like  quick reads with interesting characters as well as seeing  the world from the eyes of a child as she takes you through her life, her  thoughts, her imagination. Check out this book.

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