My Review Of The Essence by Denise Ersalah Erguler


The Essence

by Denise Ersalah Erguler

I just finished The Essence a story I’ve been looking forwards to reading since December. This story has great character, other worldly rules and a lot of heart running through the story line. I  felt the characters were very well-rounded and interesting to follow and the storyline kept me up until the wee hours just wanting to read more.

The story itself follows Fiona as she goes about her daily life dreaming of a guy who stirs her blood and who feels like a friend to her in some ways. However, things take a huge turn in her life one night and soon she finds herself in a place she’d never been before with rules and battles she now has to face too. Will she get back to her old life? Will her dream guy give her advice? You’ll have to read this book to find out.

I loved how Denise puts so much wonder and emotion as well as magic into her characters. And how throughout the story you really want them to overcome and   live the lives they are destined to do. I also found  the concept of an Essence that bonds too people very interesting.

If you love books that feel worldly and magical as well as has great character and a great adventure to follow you’ll love this book. I would recommend this story to anyone who like fantasy/ Si-Fi  stories with lots of surprises along the way.

 Denise author photo


How far would you go for the man of your dreams? To another town, another country or … another planet?
On a perfectly ordinary day in Central London, the perfectly ordinary Fiona falls through a sink hole and wakes up on the Planet Nageena. There, in a parallel world, war is raging between two factions, the Geenans and the Kwades, and both sides believe that Fiona has the secret that will save their world.
All Fiona knows is that she has finally come face to face with the man she has been dreaming of – literally – every night for as long as she can remember … and he doesn’t want to know.
Can Fiona possibly save Nageena? And how far will she be risking not only her dreams but her own life to do it…?

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Sadly very recently I discovered Denise  passed away. She is a very talented Author and my thought are with her family at this very heartbreaking time. x


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