Merry Christmas All.


The Night Before

A Quill City Christmas.

It was the night before Christmas and all through the street not a robot was hammering to a country Christmas beat. Nor were there giggles from children playing with toys that raced down their arms and tickled their feet.

The stockings were swaying around the owls’ Christmas tree, hung in the hopes of some festive treats to fly by,  for sooner or later Santa-bot would take to the sky.

The children and magical fairies were snuggled inside a magical land, with thoughts of moving  hamsters, talking dollies and red teds, all dancing inside their heads.

Mum was in her nightgown, and I in my onesie as we both snuggled up together with our favourite teddies. When out by the toy shop there was such a loud ringing of bells,  I jumped from my bed to see if all was well.

I sprang to the door, pushed down on the handle, swinging it open as I grabbed a lit candle.

The moon so full it sparkled and shone, showing off the magic from the creatures below. I couldn’t believe my eyes as Santa-bot appeared, guiding so slowly with eight of his best robot reindeer’s.

Santa-bot smiled and turned around quick, he nodded a cheerful greeting and  stopped in mid-air for what looked like a reindeer meeting.

“Hurry Dasher! Hurry  Dancer!

Hurry Prancer and Vixen!

Now Comet!  Now Cupid!

Higher, Donner and Blitzen!

Over this tree, above these magical lands,

Higher and higher we have no time to stop and hear the flowers’ band.”

As snowflakes fell and the sleigh did move, a witch flew past on a magical broom. Santa-bot did swivel and the robot reindeer nearly lost their balance. As they flew like the wind pulling Santa-bot and  all his presents.

I looked up to see where they had to land. I squinted my eye and to my surprise  on the roof Santa-bot jumped in a flash, a travelling disk holding on to his toy sack.

I stood very still, my mouth fell open wide, as  I tried to make a choice should I race to meet him inside?

I got so excited, I raced inside and watched from a corner as Santa-bot arrived.  His red and silver suit was all covered in a dusting of ash, as he swung his toy sack over his back.

He seemed so jolly as he moved near our tree, he reminded me of the old man who makes toys at house three.

His cheeks were so red, his nose pinged from side to side, his smile so happy like mine when I saw he’d arrived. He held a travelling disc high above his head, like a halo it did look as he stroked his white beard. His round belly did shake as he laughed very loud and flecks of ash fell to the ground.

I watched as he laid all the presents under our tree, he had to chase a few as he moved closer to me.

I couldn’t stop myself from  chuckling, for watching him was so funny. When he was done, his legs shook like Grandma’s Christmas jelly.

He turned towards me, holding a red travelling disc and told me in a jolly loud voice to get myself  back to bed.

I did as requested as I knew I shouldn’t be awake. In a flash I was back in my bed with dancing toys in my mind. As Santa-bot flew past my house  just in time, and  bellowed so loud I could see  his beard shake.

”Merry Christmas My Friends And To All  A Goodnight.”


Merry Christmas all. As this is my last blog post of this year. I thought I’d put up my take on ”Night Before Christmas’ for you all to read. I want to thank all my lovely friend, reader, writer who have inspired me. My lovely boyfriend and my lovely family for making the best part of this year lovely.

Wishing You All 

A Very Merry Christmas!!!


7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas All.

  1. Hi Katie,

    Merry Christmas! 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog post and really like how the owl has its own Christmas stocking! 😀

    Take care,

    Vittoria 🙂

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