In Memory Of Our Lovely Jessie.


My Heart Will Never leave You… 

On this day  I have to go, 

my soul is needed somewhere else I Know.

Meadows green and trees that call,

I must leave you with my heart that’s all.


You’ll be fine; you’ll find a way,

 life’s so great and sun shines even on this heartbreaking day.

Swaying underneath our last hug, my tail waggle and I know I’m so loved.


I whisper in your ear a light bark; for you’ve always given me my happy spark.

Then in our car I go to a world full of adventure and pretty rainbows.

So please  don’t grieve for me for you’ve shown me so much of life.


There’s no more I can say, as we bid farewell today.

all I can promise as I float away;  is my heart is yours to stay.




Jessie Loved Always

Our beautiful Jessie passed away today. She had a progressive tumour and there was just nothing more we/ the vet could do for our special girl. She was an amazing dog who got in to everyone she ever meet’s heart. Especially my mum who spent so much tie taking her to puppy classes and loving her so much. Tonight the house feels so empty, and we are all hurting and missing her.

She gave us so many amazing memories, she loved to throw her empty bowl at us and shake her paw with us. She was a true fighter after she stopped walking as a puppy and  got back on the walking horse but she never forgot her paw massages even at 7 she’d come to us to massage her paw.

Our Jessie loved Christmas and loved opening gifts in her last days leading up to her operations she had presents early and loved her toys. She had a special toy from when she was a puppy. a pink toy handbag and this week she took to carrying it about once more.

But most of all Jessie loved running in her garden even in snowing weather she’d race round the garden and she loved spending time with my Smokey.

She will be loved always a deeply missed, our house is so quiet and lonely without her.


Jessie snow moment in the garden.

RIP over rainbow bridge my friend. Died 09/12/2016.

6 thoughts on “In Memory Of Our Lovely Jessie.

  1. Aww katie she was such a lovely dog who loved life and brougt so much happiness to you all , that poem was heart melting , I’m so sorry that you lost your beautiful girl , run free over rainbow bridge Jessie xxx

  2. Hi Katie,

    I’m very sorry that Jessie has passed away :'(. She was such a beautiful and caring girl and It’s terribly sad that a tumour developed. Always keep in mind that you did everything you could for Jessie and provided her a very loving home. xxx


    • Hi Vittoria,

      Thanks Hun she was such a beautiful girl and such a kind and sometime funny soul. It is heartbreaking. We did give her her best chance and she did have a very loving family who couldn’t have loved her more if we tried.xxxx

      I hope you’re well.

      Take care.


  3. Jessie was a wonderful and loving friend, I was so sorry to hear about her passing. She had a great life and lots of good times with her family, who took very good care of her. You did everything you could for her, though I know that doesn’t help with the pain caused by her leaving. The poem you wrote for her is beautiful. She’ll always be in your heart and you in hers. Very best wishes, Kendra, Othello and Cleo xxx

    • Hi Kendra,

      Thanks Hun,she was a wonderful and loving part of our family. Thank you for all your support. We did give her her best chance an she was a very loved and missed dog. We are just so heartbroken. She will always be in my heart she was such a happy girl.

      Take care.


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