In Memory Of My Nan Who Died 04/12/2016. A Angels Welcome.


The Angels Welcome. 

I sent a wish way up high, to a band of angels singing in the night sky. Their halos shone bright, their wings as white as a doves in the moonlight. All I wanted from the angels was for them to bathe my Nanna in their magical love.

I looked up to the sky above and told them all about a magical woman so happy and not very tall. She’d loved her bird, she’d made blankets for sick wildlife. All the while she’d told everyone she’d had a wonderful life. 

I told the angels as I hoped they could hear, that today was their time for them to gather by her bedside and show her the way, tell her she’s loved and won’t suffer this day. Show her a land so full of magic and little pretty birds, whisper it’s time to fly with the herd.

I hoped that they listened and flew very fast, to a hospital bed not very far. As she lay sleeping I hope they told her it all, and made today easier for the woman so lovely and whose chatter was louder than us all.

I followed the brightest star in the sky and whispered so quietly ‘I love you and goodbye’ and as its light got bright in the sky .I knew. she too, had become an angel so bright. I stood for a while letting my grief go, for down here on earth we miss her so.



(For Jean)

Last night I read  The Flower Angel to my Nanna as she clutched her copy. Sadly this morning my Nanna passed away of cancer  at 84 years old. She was loved by all who knew her, and she touched many people’s hearts. She was a lovely Nanna who tried to help animals by knitting them blankets even while she was so ill herself. And had a deep love for her bird Rose who stayed with her until she was brought into hospital this week.

Nanna loved reading and loved my books. She inspired me to read and write more, and she loved Christmas time with us every year. Sadly last year was her last with us.  But she had the best time, even sang Christmas songs with my sister. She seemed so happy. She will be thought about often and missed a lot. I wrote this poem for her and felt I wanted to put it on my blog, my way of dealing with her passing away.

My Nanna was a wonderful woman, she had hard times in her life. But fought through them, she lost people she loved along the way of getting older, but she still kept hope and love in her heart. I know if she was here she’d say be happy with what you have and love those you care about. Be kind to each other and your fellow animal friends and never give up even if things seem impossible.

We love her so much and have so many fond memories of her, like when she taught me to knit as a little girl. Those are the times and memories I’ll keep in my heart.



Rest with the Angel. We’ll miss you dearly.

8 thoughts on “In Memory Of My Nan Who Died 04/12/2016. A Angels Welcome.

  1. Your Nan was a lovely lady. She’ll be missed dearly. But we will follow her path, be kind and keep moving with hope. May God rest her soul in peace and paradise.

    • Thank Kshitij, she was a lovely lady, and will be missed dearly I already miss her. Yeah stay kind always. I hope she’s in peace and paradise too.

      I hope you’re okay lovely.

      Take care Katie.

  2. She sounded like a lovely lady and a real inspiration for you and your writing. She had her family with her at the end, something that will have made her feel much loved. Xx

    • Hi Ruth,

      She was a lovely lady, and inspired me a lot. Yeah I read to her the late into the night I know that would have brought her some comfort as she loved reading and me reading too her.xx

      I hope you’re well.

      Take care.

      Katie xx

  3. Hi Katie,

    My condolences for you and your family at this time. You’ve written a beautiful piece in memory of her and she truly is an inspiration for all of us with her hope and love.

    I’m always here for you hun if you ever need to talk. xx


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