The Flower Angel Out November 30th. Read Prologue Here.


The Flower Angel 

I’m excited  to say  my new Novella: The Flower Angel is now up for pre-order until the 30th of November. I’m so blessed to have great friend, boyfriend and family who inspired me while writing my novella. This is the prologue from the beginning of The Flower Angel…





“It’s going to be okay. What’s your name?”

Lara reached for the man with the emerald eyes who bent down beside her. In the glow of her headlights she saw blue forget-me-nots had dropped from his hands and landed on her chest. She tried to sit up, to speak, and recall what had just happened. But her head felt stuck to the ground, her throat as dry as sandpaper.

“I didn’t see you! Did you have your lights on? What’s a woman doing out here past midnight?” Mr. Emerald Eyes moved her long blonde hair out of her eyes and kept talking, his voice screaming in her ears.

Was he saying this was her fault? Lara wanted to tell him of course she had her lights on, it must have been him. Did he plunge his car into her little runabout? The car her mum and dad forced her to buy as soon as she’d left home.

Her eyes drifted shut as a coldness spread over her body, and she wondered if this was it. Was she about to die here? At least she already had flowers to mark the spot where she felt like she’d slip away. She tried to think beautiful thoughts as another of the flowers shimmered in the glow of the headlight as it fell.

“Look, I need an ambulance, there was a crash and a young woman is bleeding on the side of the road. No, I don’t know her name. We’re a mile down the road from Forget-Me-Not Inn. Hurry!”

Lara heard him yell down the phone then the click of the hang up button. She felt him touch her head and murmur, “God, please not me, not today. Don’t let me have given this woman a death sentence. I’m sure she’s a good person and I couldn’t live with myself. I’ll do anything! Anything! Just let her live. Amen.”

Charming, Lara thought, here she was lying on the cold floor and Mr. Emerald Eyes was already writing her off.

 The sound of the ambulance roared closer as Lara felt everything drift away from her…

Paperback Link:The Flower Angel.

E-book Link:The Flower Angel.

I hope everyone is well and having a great weekend.



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