My Review The Rebels of Cordovia Author Linda Weaver Clarke.


My Review The Rebels of Cordovia

Author Linda Weaver Clarke.

Wow The Rebels of Cordovia is a very gripping, suspenseful and romantic period romance… I loved this book and couldn’t put it down for long until I’d read the end. Robin is a strong and brave woman fighting for the rights of the people around her after the king had taken their rights and treated them horribly…

The story itself follows Robin and her rebels group as they fight the good fight, taking money from the taxman and helping the people around them to be able to live. While they try and work out if they should go it alone and battle the king when the time comes or join forces with the Freemen  group, led by Daniel who wants to recruit them so they can fight together to bring an end to the depression fallen over their land. Will Robin’s Rebels join force? Will they bring about a better life for those around them and go up against the king? Read this book to find out.

I loved Daniel and Robin’s connection throughout the book, they are both well-rounded strong characters  that are great to follow thought-out the story. I think Linda did a great job in creating a strong female lead and some of the scene were really emotional, it reminded the reader exactly why Robin had to keep going with the hopes she’d succeed.

I also loved the end… After finishing this book I wanted to read it all over again. If you love book where good try and win over bad. Strong women who are not scared to stand up for what is right.. And a lot of heart running thought  the character in this story. Then, you’ll love this book. I would highly recommend it.

Amazon link The Rebels Of Cordovia (The Rebel Series Book 1)

2 thoughts on “My Review The Rebels of Cordovia Author Linda Weaver Clarke.

  1. Hi Katie,

    Definitely interesting – seems like a battle against authority. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a nice week,


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