Holly’s Summer…

chair Holly

Holly’s Summer…

I’m Holly, the house cat and sometimes helps my human with her blogging. Well tonight I’ve been chasing a new toy one that jingles as it rolls across the floor. I’ve been playing the long game, waiting for the ball to move then I’ll pounce and capture it in my paws.

However, as fun as my new ball sound it’s been very hot here, and therefor I’ve stayed right near the buzzing breeze maker. Smokey tells me he’s heard our human call it a ‘fan; and I’ve listened to my human’s rhythmic tap, tap, tapping on her laptop. And the soothing squeaking of her reading the latest book she’s come across. It’s been a hot summer. If you’re a fur ball like me be sure to drink from your magical never-ending water bowls, even request an ice-cube or two if you just wanna be super cool. And sleep in the shade or on humans phone and kindle all cool places to catnap.

Smokey has been his normal hyper self and been causing mayhem for our human. Only the other day he took over her kindle and called one of her close humans on Skype. He’s such an attention seeker for his age of 8 boy fur balls never  grow up do they?chair 123

In other news, I was shocked when I wandered into my humans room and heard grumble, Grrr, I thought she’d adopted us a gremlin or something. I looked and there it was moving around making noise. I wasn’t sure if I liked this, but I crept closer putting one paw on its soft black body. then ran away. And when I returned it was still there, but much quieter. Then my human placed me on  top of it. The Horror  and it moved. But after a few words with it…. I found out it’s our new study/ massage seat. I soon mastered it and got comfortable. I just might turn him into my cat-napping chair.

Smokey and I have also been catching up with our purrfect fur ball friend over the summer, happy hearing about all their adventures. If any fur ball would like to share some of their summer adventures comment in the comment place. Love to hear all about it.

Well now it’s almost midnight here, best post this and replace human laptop before she returns.

Have a purrfect summer all furry friends..


6 thoughts on “Holly’s Summer…

  1. Happy Summer, Holly, and Smokey too! Our cats, Othello and Cleo, have spent most of this hot summer hiding from the sun in our neighbour’s hydrangea bush–they have lots of thick fur as well and so get quite hot at times. Like you, Othello also enjoys sleeping on my laptop and kindle–great choices. 😉 And congratulations to your human on her new massage chair–a wonderful place for a joint human/catnap perhaps?

  2. Hi Katie,

    This is such a lovely post and I really enjoyed reading it. 🙂 Kitties are always interested in new chairs and devices. Holly is adorable and pretty as always.

    Hope you have a purrfect summer. 🙂

    – Vitt

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