My Review Of Tails Of A Country Garden Author Phil Janes

fleet 2

Tails Of A Country Garden

Author Phil Janes

Tails Of A Country Garden I came across this book the other day and being a cat lover thought this book might be right up my alley to read over the weekend. It didn’t disappoint I was gripped by following Fleet, Strongclaw  and  friends as they commanded their human servants and explored their outside land. I loved how Phil really take his  reader in the mind-set of cats and other more wildly animals throughout the story…

The story itself  follows Fleet as he grows  from an in-house kitten to a free roaming cat as he’s released into his garden to explore his and  Strongclaw’s land. He meets many animals and new smells as he ventures further and further away from home. His head full of knowledge that his other cats from home had fed him of their adventures… However, one day fleet goes too far feeling the roar of noise and the thudding of fear as he becomes lost and alone. Will he make it home safe and sound? Read this book to find out…   

I loved Strongclaw in this book he reminded me of one of those cats who is  a bit grumpy and wants  all the land and food to himself..

This book is  really well written and a rather lovely story about cats and their thoughts and adventures. I would recommend this book if you love cats and want to go on an adventure with three very different and special cats as they feel their way around their land.

If you’d like to give this book a try it’s on Amazon..

Link:Tails of a Country Garden




4 thoughts on “My Review Of Tails Of A Country Garden Author Phil Janes

  1. Hi Katie,

    This is definitely a book that I’d love to read. Thanks for sharing – I’m adding this to my Goodreads right now. 🙂

    Take care,


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