My Review of To The Moon And Back…

Moon and Back


Wow!!! To The Moon And Back is one emotional and gripping read, with relatable character’s who take you on a very personal and emotional journey that will leave your heart pounding, emotions running high and praying for things to work out for Anne and her life…

The story itself… Follows Anne as she collapses outside and is helped Adrian who see her bleeding and insists she goes to his hospital. He does tests on her and makes a heartbreaking discovery  that would change her life in ways she could never could have for-seen as she sit to write a letter to the man she loved to tell him all…. Will she survive her diagnosis  or will her fight be in vain for a life she longs for? Read this heart-warming  emotional and gripping book….

I thought Patricia did a great job a portraying how getting the worst kinda news and knowing that you don’t have the money yet to even begin to fight it…. I could feel Anne’s fear that her life could be over, that her marriage too. And there isn’t a thing she can do about it…. Even with time ticking away… I think a lot of the things mentions in this book is very real thought process that some women go through what Anne did.

I thought the ending was very surprising and left a few question in the  air  for another book with a lot of the interesting characters throughout.

If you like reading books with an emotional message and a journey of Anne as she faces some of the more emotional and hard times in her life. As well as follows lots of quirky and interesting characters along the way this books a must read. I couldn’t put this book down until I had read the end…

To The Moon And Back Is Out Now

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