Guest post: The Adventures of Shifting Jack….

Denise author photoThe Adventures of Shifting Jack

The attraction of shape-shifters…

I’ve always been an avid reader of books about science fiction, aliens, shape-shifters and fantasy fiction in general. But I particularly love the idea of shape-shifters. I would love to be able to shape-shift, who wouldn’t, but since I can’t, the next best things for me, is to write about them!

Shape-shifters are loyal, honest, good people, all the characteristics I admire. Physically they are tall, muscular and good-looking, what’s not to like. They also have the advantage of regeneration, they live longer and heal quickly, all qualities which I’m sure appeal to us all.

I started writing about shape-shifters in my first novel, The Essence. It’s based on a planet called Nageena, where the inhabitants can shape-shift into various animals. My ten-year-old son wanted to know what I was writing and when I started to read him a section about the shape-shifters, he was mesmerised, his face lit up and he looked at me in awe that I could come up with something like that. That was when I thought it could be a subject for a children’s book and the idea of Shifting Jack was born.

Shifters can turn into various different animals, birds, bears, wolves, dolphins.  With each new book in the Shifting Jack series I intend to introduce a new type of shifter. I’ve started on the second story now, but I’m not prepared to reveal which one will be in this next book, people will have to buy it to find out!

As my family now live in Cyprus I wanted to base the book here. We are also environmentalists so I hoped to be able to raise awareness of environmental issues. Making children think about these things at an early age can only be a good thing. Hunting is quite big in Cyprus, so it seemed an ideal opportunity to raise it. My husband is quite heavily involved in the protection of birds here, so it seemed appropriate to have Jack shifting into a bird.

Cover reduced (600x960)

About the book…

Jack has always known that he and his little sister, Lily, are different to other children, but he doesn’t know why – until the family moves to North Cyprus.

Jack thinks he’s going to like it here; school is okay, he makes new friends, and Lily is happy too. Then one afternoon, Jack and Lily are involved in an earthquake and their world is turned upside down. Jack not only finds out his dad isn’t exactly his dad, but that none of his family is exactly human either…

The whole family is thrown into danger, and Jack knows it’s his job to protect Lily, whatever that takes. In pursuit of illegal animal hunters, a strange school teacher, and the truth, Jack does his best – but he is only nine years old, will his best be good enough?

The Adventures of Shifting Jack: A New Home is available on Amazon at

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