My Review of Baby by Marie Campbell



by Marie Campbell

Baby by Marie Campbell is a very gripping, emotional and chilling story. I read this book within a night the chapters were a great size and the storyline so gripping I couldn’t put it down half-finished… I found the character’s very interesting especial Anne and Jill. Both women were so different, Jill was kindhearted normal kinda lady and Anne had been though a lot over her life and it had  turned her a bit twisted. But they had something in common they both loved Michael in their own way. Only Jill was his future and Anne his past.    

The story itself  follows the twisted love triangle of Anne, Michael and Jill. After Jill finds out she is having Michael’s baby they both start to plan their happy life together. Only Michael past girlfriend Anne returns into his life. Man-naps him and holds him  in her home, while she plays with  his emotions and befriends Jill just waiting for the day she can take her baby and make a family with Michael. Will she  get the family she wants anyhow she pleases? Or will Michael and Jill find a way to save themselves? Read this book to find out.

Even through Anne is a rather twisted woman in this book I did at some points find myself feel sorry for her and what had pushed her over the edge of thinking clearly. I think Marie did a great job of helping the reader see things from everyone point of view and the ending was chilling with a few twists that will not disappoint…

I would recommend Baby to anyone who likes an intense, chilling and emotional read with well-rounded characters and an ending that will leave you hoping there’s another book around the corner at some point. Then this book is for you.

Baby  by Marie Campbell is out now  on Amazon

If you’d like to give this book a try here’s the Link:Baby by Marie Campbell

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