Love In Little Snow Audiobook giveaway.


This is Smokey’s First Memory of Snow…

Love In Little Snow Audiobook.

Love in Little Snow is now out in Audiobook. I thought it be nice to have a giveaway of one audible code to get a free copy of the audiobook on audible. To enter tell me about your favourite memory when it has snowed or your favourite thing about one of your Christmases and then I’ll pick a name out of the cup on September 1st. Leave an email address or way to get hold of you for if your name’s picked.

katrina love in little snow

Love in Little Snow’s


Dr. Bailey Cartwrite is devastated when his girlfriend, Lucy, is killed. But in her last act of love, Lucy appears to Bailey as an angel and sends him to the world of Little Snow – the snow globe world. All Bailey must do to find what is lacking in his life, is believe in the magic of Christmas.

Bailey wakes up in Little Snow to find himself married with a baby son. Together with Holly, the woman who says she is now his wife, Bailey starts to learn about the life he’s supposedly created with her. In doing so, he realizes that Holly, too, is facing heartbreak. Can Bailey renew his trust in God and find peace and true love with Holly?

You can hear a sample of Love in Little Snow on Amazon

Link here Love In Little Snow.

4 thoughts on “Love In Little Snow Audiobook giveaway.

  1. My memory I can remember was when , it was Christmas time and Sheba was so excited she knew her presents were upstairs so she kept going up there and trying to pull bits off , we would bring her back down but Christmas Eve she went upstairs ,picked her present up ,took it into my room and unwrapped and went downstairs showing it off , lol she was so funny xx

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