The Naked Sleepwalker’s Christmas. Out now in EBook!

The Naked Sleepwalker's Christmas v2

The Naked Sleepwalker’s Christmas.

Out now in EBook.

A Snippet from the story…

Last Christmas I was house-sitting for my cousin. I don’t know why I agreed to it as the house was poky, cold and somewhat unwelcoming for the seasonal festivities. However, it was also a much-needed break from city life, and time was actually flying by.

At midnight, when the small metallic bedside clock started bleeping erratically, it was Christmas! Laying my Lover By Night novel down softly in its bedside place I pulled the little pink curtains aside and took a last quick look out onto the blanket of crunchy snow that covered every inch of ground. It was beautiful, just how Christmas should be.

As I pulled the curtains shut I let out a little sigh. I felt alone and deflated knowing I was about to get into a cold single bed by myself. I slowly put on my warm, deep-pink fluffy nightgown and then flopped onto the bed, pulling the white covers over my head and hoping that my novel would inspire some dreams of Mr. Right as I drifted off to sleep.


I jumped.

Disorientated, I rubbed my eyes and looked over at my digital clock. Its light-blue numbers showed it to be 1:50am and I felt I had hardly slept at all, so why did I wake myself up? Did I imagine the sound because I was scared to be alone in a strange location? I listened closely for any further noise, but everything seemed peaceful; as the minutes passed there was not a sound. I must have been dreaming. I flopped back onto my pillow.

Bang… Bang!

It came again and this time I jumped out of bed, grabbing my cousin’s steel frying pan signed by Chef Jeffries that hung on the wall, and I headed for the door. Swinging it open more forcefully than I really needed to, I stormed out across the landing, slapping the lights on as I went.

As soon as I had put my foot upon the stairs I stopped, paralysed by the shocking sight of a naked man coming right at me.

“Who the hell are you?” I screamed, pointing at this very naked man coming towards me.

He didn’t stop or even say a word so I tried screaming louder. “Oi, you. Man. Stay where you are! Stop! Can’t you bloody hear me?”

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Thank you to everyone who have been really supportive of my writing and book, it means a lot to me. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.

Katrina Hart.






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