A Year of Flying in the world. Happy Finding Destiny Anniversary… (E-book Giveaway)


A Year of Flying in the world.

Happy Finding Destiny Anniversary…

When I wrote Finding Destiny it was one of the most exciting adventures I’m so blessed to have shared in, along with all the inhabitants of Quill City. Following their lives and walking the path of Alex, Faith, and Destiny, the half-breeds as well as Missy Talk Lot and Fumble and Flicker and how their lives turned out and where they all ended up..OC Destiny

For me it was the people of Quill City that made this book special, each one spoke to me in a way that sometimes melted my heart and other times made me frustrated at the behaviour of those Half-breeds. But each one had a beating heart that drove them down their path to finding their true destiny.

One of the nicest things about writing Finding Destiny was it helped me find mine. It made me see that I didn’t just love writing and day dreaming about worlds far away and characters to follow, but that I could write and put all that pent-up imagination to fun use. And Along the way I met some talented writers. Hayley, Ruth (The Single Feather), Kendra, (The Forest King’s Daughter) Marianne (new one is: The Shoeshine Killer (The Scottish Lady Detective mysteries Book 2) and Anne (A Blonde Bengali Wife) they all inspired me to keep writing this novel and helped me get it to the novel it is today.

Then came the day to find a home for my novel and it couldn’t have found a better one then Pilrig Press. I was so excited when they accepted my novel and helped make it complete… Then the day finally came when Finding Destiny had to grow wings and fly out into the big book world and to think that was a year and a bit ago feels like time has sped up in a blink of an eye. It just feels like yesterday I was  day dreaming about the journey I was on writing this book…

Now a year later since this book was published I can say I’ve met some amazing authors and read more amazing books, like 3sister by Kshitij and The Rose Hunter by Ciara Gold and so many more….

Writing and publishing Finding Destiny has been a freeing and exciting adventure and to celebrate a whole year of my book flying out into the world. I’m going to give away an eBook copy…So if you leave a comment in the comment box, your name and email address etc…, Your name will be entered  into the chalice tree man cup for a mobi eBook version of Finding Destiny and I will draw out the winner and announce who it is on the 23 march….

Happy First Year Flying in the world Finding Destiny…

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 The name chosen at random to get a copy  of Finding Destiny Was…

A.J Raven.


10 thoughts on “A Year of Flying in the world. Happy Finding Destiny Anniversary… (E-book Giveaway)

    • Hi Kendra,

      Than you Hun that means a lot.. Congrats too you too, you should be super proud of your novel as well… It don’t feel that long ago does it?

      Have a lovely week..


  1. Congratulations. I hope your book flies for many years to come and brings happiness and pleasure to thousands of readers..

  2. Hi Katie,

    Happy Anniversary hun! Thanks for sharing your amazing journey :). You’ve done so well and should be very proud. Beautiful cake btw!

    Take care,


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