The Night Her Soul Found Freedom. (Short Story)

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The Night Her Soul Found Freedom.

Melinda sat in her small boat that bobbed up and down, she looked at the full-moon shining like a beacon of hope. And she wondered if the moon was pushed by many free souls that had made the journey from being trapped down here on earth, to breaking free and riding the sky without punishment?

Melinda knew in a matter of hours the sun would rise over her captives land, waking up his many horses. She could see them now behind the fence chewing the grass like they hadn’t a care in the world. As she wondered if any of them longed to jump the fence and run through the undergrowth like their wild brothers and sisters? Not yet captured and broken in, she could sympathise with the horses behind their fence.

Melinda remembered when she too had been broken in by the very same man, she had once been a free spirit believing in love, beauty and standing up to the big men that were destroying the land she walked on every-day. She used to dance to music with lyrics that inspired a better more peaceful world. Then she met him on one of her walks by the river, his shirt was loose and he had a bottle of whisky in one hand. She had found him tortured and handsome unlike any man she had seen before. They had met many times after that by the river, she had been taken in by his poems, his words believing him to be a gentle soul.

How wrong she was after he had taken her as his wife, he had first broken her spirit and then trapped her in a huge house shaped cage. Where slowly she had lost her feelings, been blamed for his shortcomings and had become banished from her free-spirited family.

She kept her eyes on the young hippies and flower girls dancing around a pole of colourful ribbons, twisting each strand round and round. For a moment, she thought she could see her younger-self dancing with those girls.

Melinda ignored the small man with a cap to one side of his head and a canvas perched in front of him. She could tell he was painting her, his eyes took on a misty green every time he glanced her way; like he revelled in the small bit of beauty left in her face.

The wind began to pick up like the sky was calling her home. The gulls let out loud chirps as they swooped in and out of the trees, she wondered if they were calling to her soul? Could they hear her thoughts?

The painter had stopped painting and had begun to gather his things. A part of Melinda wanted to see the painting in his hands, gaze upon her features one last time. But she had no way of speaking to the stranger. She knew it was time to break free as she dropped the blanket keeping her cut and scarred legs covered into the water. It sank to the bottom like all the punishment she suffered drowned along with it. Her hands shook as she struggled with the knot that stopped her boat from being free to drift away from the bank. Her hands bled as the knot finally came loose.

Melinda checked the silver chain around her middle was tight enough that it wouldn’t slip from her thin body. As she struggled to stand, she spread her arms out like a bird that had finally escaped from its cage. Her hair blew about her face as the boat lurched forwards, the waves crashed against the sides like a raging monster.

Melinda forced her eyes to remain on the entrancing full-moon, watching its magical glow follow her as her body plunged into the thick dirty water. She didn’t kick or fight against the waves as she fell under, the water covering her nose and mouth.

Melinda could hear the beautiful melody her fellow peace-loving family used to sing. She could see her now, the flowery Angel reaching for her soul. Her hand reached out. A light feeling came over her; like her clothes had become as light as silk spinning around her body. She looked down, her brown hair snapped from her white headband and flopped over her pale face. As her body fell towards the bottom of the river like a huge rock.

Melinda turned to see the Angel who had finally granted her freedom, but she was gone leaving an open  door, where music played. She floated inside and joined the free spirits who were singing and weaving flowers. One looked up, holding out a ring of pink flowers.

Melinda went over to her and took the beautiful halo from her hands and placed it on her own head. She sat next to the girl as the door started to close, and she knew she had finally found freedom, peace and love.

Melinda’s last thought as she watched the door close on her watery death was for the people still trapped on earth, that one-day that earth would find peace and love before they too suffered her fate.

The End……


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