My Review of The Coconut Swindle Author Matt Abraham..(Released March 4th)


The Coconut Swindle Author Matt Abraham..

I liked  The Coconut Swindle’s cover it reminded me a little of a comic book, really suited  the novel itself I thought… I was really looking forwards to reading this novel at the end of last year and wasn’t disappointed when I did get to read it. The characters were interesting and easy to follow and I loved that it was written in first person…

The story itself was about Dane Curse Detective Agency were black caps could go and ask for help to find killers or solve mysteries of what happened… The widow’s brother died and she asked for help to solve what happened… And so it began the search for the truth that led the main character down some dicey paths and into a lot of battles along the way…

This book has a little of everything heart, super human characters and a fight for the truth… The characters are engaging and have great names like Monday, Mr west, Al Almighty and many more… As well as some of their speech is really fun to read and hear in your head… And the chapters are easy to follow and get behind… There are some lovely descriptions and I couldn’t won’t help but love some of the powers they have like the main characters daughter’s power to make things come alive out of her body…

The end of this book was so beautiful and magical and so sad that it brought  tears to my eyes… I thought this was very well written and the description of what happened leapt off the page…

I would recommend this book if you like a bit of super human action and a mystery to get behind…. As well as character that will enchant your mind at times, make you question them and wince when they go into the fire to find the truth and an ending that will make you feel the beautify and sadness all at once…

Thank you to the Matt for giving me a review copy… 

This book is released March 4th…

7 thoughts on “My Review of The Coconut Swindle Author Matt Abraham..(Released March 4th)

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  2. Hi Katie, This sounds like an interesting book. The cover reminds me a little of a comic book too, but it sounds like that suits the story well. Great review! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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