My Review Of My Dutch Diary Deborah A Allen….


My Review Of My Dutch Diary

Deborah A Allen….

I was really happy to hear My Dutch Diary had been released and couldn’t wait receive my copy (thank you to Deborah) and get down to reading it.. This is the second book I’ve read by Deborah and I have to say they are both really great reads.. Anyway I got my copy the other day and started to read and couldn’t put the book down for long, by the end I felt that I’d walked in the writer shoes and seen The Netherlands just as she does….

The book itself is set out like a diary going through the months of the year and the experiences each month brings and how holidays are celebrated… I loved how at the end of each chapter was a nice easy to follow recipe to try while reflecting on the journey of the month you’ve just read about.  I tried February recipe the valentines chocolate cake photo attached… I would recommend giving this a try it’s full of chocolate goodness and fun to make. Deborah did a fantastic job of writing the recipe in an easy to follow way…

While reading the book I found myself laughing especially on the adult shop entry… What a funny experience… And  feeling mad and sad at some entries because of some of what happened in some months especially when her other half got unwell and was made worse by others… But over all this is a beautiful written diary that takes the reader on a journey through the year… This feels special because it does feel like you’ve just stolen someone diary and are looking through their eyes…

I would recommend this book to anyone who’d love to take a walk in The Netherlands celebrate the holidays, hear the bangs of fireworks, and feel the madness of those fireworks upsetting the dog. As well as laugh and breath in the emotion of each month, while having some great recipes to have a go at….This book is for you.

If you would like to read this book it is in paperback as well as the Kindle from Amazon

Link… http://

My go at the Valentines cake… 

You could even write on the top. 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Review Of My Dutch Diary Deborah A Allen….

  1. This book sounds fascinating, and I am quite curious about the Netherlands, especially since reading a children’s book about it to my daughter! Great review, Katie!

  2. Hi Katie,

    I love it when you can imagine what the writer is seeing. It’s like being there without having to actually be there. Well done the cake – it looks yummy. 😊

    Vitt (:

    • Hi Vittoria,

      Me too… It really is great when you can see something through another eyes.. And go on the journey with them. Yeah the cake turned out pretty well..:)

      I hope you have a lovely weekend…

      Take care.


  3. Hi Katie, This sounds like a really interesting book. Travel diaries are so fun because you get to experience a new place through the writers eyes. I love the idea of having recipes at the end for readers to try too. Your cake looks beautiful, and delicious! 🙂

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