Happy 2016 Everyone…


Happy 2016 Everyone…

Happy 2016 all…I hope all of you have had a magical Christmas and a beautiful new year…. If you’re writing right now. I hope all those magical stories floating about covers every blank page throughout the year… Whatever this year brings I hope it’s a happy for everyone…

My Christmas felt rather magical way to end the year… With the magical vibe of Christmas movies and lots of cooking and Christmas music…. Great friends and An special Awesome mate….And spending time with my family and seeing them enjoying the end of the year was lovely. I also got to spend some time with my Nan, which was so nice as she just soak up all the happiness of being around the people she love…I really was feeling the love this Christmas all aglow with happiness, it was one of the best ways to end such a wonderful year and start the next…..

Smokey and Holly had a lovely Christmas as well, they got this toy that ever since they have been going banana’s over. And Jessie has been giving us all headache with so much squeaking of her new toys and being the funny dog she has always been…. I attached a video of Smokey going bananas with at toy (They wish all their pet friend a happy dreamy new year)

Now new year has started and back too reading, writing and seeing where all magical adventures lead. Also setting those resolution for this year…Mine are: Write more, worry less, finish all the things I didn’t last year.. Have more fun and remind all around me how loved they are more….

What are your? How was your Christmas and new years?

Here’s to all the joy and fun of 2016

Happy New Year All..

8 thoughts on “Happy 2016 Everyone…

  1. Happy New Year! Cute video and what a fun cat toy. So glad to hear you’re doing well and enjoying life. Things have been very busy here. I’m heading into contest season so I figure my time on the Internet will be somewhat limited for the next 2 months but I did want to pop in and wish you the best for 2016

    • Happy New year Ciara.

      I hope your new year is a magical one.. Yeah he’s a funny one with that toy..I hope you have a great time at the contest season… I’m still catching up, will swing by your blog soon.

      Have the best 2016 Ciara.

      Take care

  2. Hi Katie,

    Happy New Year!
    It’s great to see you back into blogging for 2016. New cat toy must be a real hit with them. 🙂 Christmas was nice here and the cats have been purring away.
    Looking forward to more of your blog posts,


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