A Quill City Christmas Story… (Merry Christmas All)

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A Quill City Christmas

The new Sassy dolls sang: “Come to Quill City, where fairies sparkle magically around the first Christmas tree. You’ll hear the ring of robot hammers, if you listen carefully, as they make toys for you and me to put under Quill City’s Christmas tree. Come to Quill City, where children slip on snow with glee. And owls hoot noisily,  as we share our Christmas cheer with our magic friends and family!”  The doll’s eyes moved from side to side and they kicked their colourful little dresses, so the frills fanned out like a row of  opening colourful snapper flowers from Flickers garden. The dolls seem to appear at odd moments under the Christmas tree that was all aglow outside Mummy’s Little Darlings Toy Shop.

Estelle bounced up and down, her hair blew  in the wind and her excited little face made my heart burst with happiness.

“Follow us or we’ll lose each other in this crowd,” shouted Faith, Estelle pulling her towards Claire, Chance and Mr Boo, his small robot.

“Daddy, say Santa Bot has been? Did you sleep last night?”said Estelle.

“I waited for Santa Bot all night, never saw him,” said Chance, as he took hold of Estelle’s hand and they both began to giggle as they  watched Blossom  and her fairy friends flutter around the tree, making each branch glow all different colours, and to finish off Blossom commanded one of her younger fairies to stand on the top branch and listen to the children’s wishes.

I thought of Madam Moon Fighter, Sarah, Ma and Pa and I hoped somewhere out there they were hearing Christmas bells. And What of Bill and Suzy? Were they having a first Christmas in each other’s arms? The thought of all we faced this year, and might need to face in the future, made this Christmas all the more important to be with family and friends. I dare not tell them of the book Lotty found or the newcomer who had read from its pages.  I had a feeling one day soon our city will have to face him, but not today. Today was Christmas, a joyful time for everyone. As more families and robots started to arrive, I began to walk towards Faith, with baby Destiny asleep in my arms.

“Flesh Being, we’re ready for the gifts from Santa Bot, are you?” said Fumble, breaking  me out of my thoughts as he circled around me with lights hanging off his metal body. He reminded me of an excited puppy as he took off towards the tree before I could answer him.

“Sweeties,  it’s our first Christmas together in this place, And Santa Bot looks like he has come through the travelling disk that Alex left out for him.” Lotty  pointed towards the swirling hole as silver snowflakes began to fall from the sky. The children leaned closer to see if Santa Bot was still down there.

“Sir, look, he’s also taken all the metal we left for him,” interrupted Flicker.

Lotty shook her head at him before she started to speak once more over everyone’s giggles:  “Sweeties, all sit around the tree, Fumble will hand out what Santa Bot left behind. Flicker and I will dish  out the capsules for the big Christmas feast. We have some that taste of turkey, oranges, chocolate…” She slowly stepped to the side leaving Fumble to call each person by name and give them their gift.

I watched as Estelle bounced towards Fumble to collect her present with Chance by her side, they ripped off the glowing paper and opened their boxes at the same time. Faith took my hand, like she too thought the same as I. What wild toy are we bringing home today? I hoped not another skipping rope, the last one tied my feet to our bed one night and it took both Fumble and Flicker to unravel it.

It was a tense few seconds until Estelle squealed “KITKIN'”  and held up a robotic cat with pink flashing eyes and ears that pointed upwards like it was listening to everything. I wondered what else the Kitkin could do that I wasn’t aware of at this moment. Chance looked as though he had gotten the same thing, only Chance’s had green eyes and a blue bow around its neck.


The gift giving went on for many hours, until the last gift had been shared and the capsules eaten. Everyone seemed so happy to be together even the distant hooting couldn’t dampen their  spirits as they danced to the dolls’ songs. Fumble had taken baby  Destiny on a tour of Mummy’s Little Darling’s to give me and Faith a few moments together.

“Merry Christmas,” I whispered in her ear as we moved around the robots doing their robot jig and found a spot to dance. Our song filled the air. The one that spoke of two hearts that travelled a lifetime over to find Destiny.

Blossom giggled as she  created a single mistletoe over our heads, the music became like a far away hum as I pulled Faith  closer to me, Our breaths mingled together as our eyes met and I kissed her with all the passion and love I felt in my heart. Our first proper Christmas kiss. The flash of Fumble’s photo box made colourful dots dance before my eyes as we came back down to earth.

“Happy Santa Bot day my hero,” Faith whispered  against my lips, before she slowly took a step backwards. I noticed all eyes had found us.

Every robot, fairy, child and adult, began to cheer  in their mixed tones. “We wish you a merry Quill City Christmas and a magical new year.”

The End.


Merry Christmas Everyone.

All at Quill City wishes you and your family a wonderful Christmas and magical new year. Thank you for all your kind support and making this year really great since the release of Finding Destiny. 



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