My Review of Until You Came Along Author Kshitij.


Until You Came Along Author Kshitij

I was blessed to be given an advanced readers copy of Until You Came Along  from the author and honestly couldn’t wait to start reading this novel. It’s one I’ve been waiting to get my hands on since I heard the author was releasing it for Christmas this year… So that was my Thursday all night sorted… I was not disappointed, this is beautifully written with lots of  emotion and well-rounded special characters to follow… I found Alyssa and Kurt captivating to read about, both very different and yet both very likable.

The novel is told from Alyssa, Kurt and Estelle view of point, which I felt worked really well and was easy to follow with this novel.  This book also flits between the past and the present day which made me feel as though I was seeing the past as the characters were, instead of feeling as though it was just being told which is not easy to do, but Kshitij pulls this off flawlessly with his characters and magical scenes…

The book itself is very beautifully written… It begins with Estelle in the present day with her daughter Peach and husband Luke as she sets about getting ready for her school reunion and more importantly she will finally get to see her best friend–Alyssa who left on Christmas years back.  At the reunion after Estelle comes face to face with a much different woman than she remembered from school. They both reminisce about the past and what really happened back then to make her leave and change the friendship they had…

Back in the pages of the past we learn how Alyssa’s beauty and relationships left her feeling emotionless and unable to truly set her heart free…  Until Kurt shows up in her life with his free loving spirit and charming ways to try and warm her heart. Especially on Christmas Eve… Will she finally feel something? Or will she turn his warm heart as cold as her feelings towards love? Read this magical Christmas story to find out…

I loved the friendship between Estelle and Alyssa throughout this book, how in some ways Estelle was the first real friend Alyssa felt some connection  to and cared about.  The trust between them  was very clear and a joy to read–I also loved the scenes with Estelle and Peach. her daughter, they were really sweet and showed just what her life was like in the present…

I also loved some of the magical descriptions running throughout this book, especially through Kurt’s eyes… It gave the story a very  beautiful and dreamy feel to some of the scenes that even had me sighing and smiling…

The Author–KSHITIJ did a great job with Kurt and Alyssa in contrast to each other, Kurt was a dreamer and very much believed in listening to his heart and seeing the good in everything and everyone. Whereas Alyssa is not a dreamer, although deep down I felt she wished she could be—However, she is more practical and doesn’t really believe she can feel love. Or anything. I found them both to be very well-rounded and special characters that were able to take the reader through so many emotions in a short space of time. And make the reader understand why both of them felt the way they did on subjects of the heart…

I also like Moose who was in Alyssa and Estelle’s circle of friends, although he wasn’t a main character I felt he very well could have been… I liked his sense of humour and his kindness towards his friends….

Some of the really magical scenes in this book happens when Kurt and Alyssa spend Christmas eve  together and you get to see them bring out another side to each other…

The end of this book left me with such a happy glow for the day ahead…I would recommend this book to anyone who love a good story about love and friendships. With characters that will stay in your heart not just your mind long after you’ve put this book down…

The ending melted my heart in many ways…

This book should be available on Amazon soon….

If you want to read about Kshitij books you can on his Amazon Author page





6 thoughts on “My Review of Until You Came Along Author Kshitij.

  1. Hi Katie,

    I really really loved the depth of this review and how you explained everything. I agree, it’s hard for writers to flick between the past and present especially without losing clarity.

    Hope you’re having a fantastic week 🙂

    • Hi Vittoria,

      Thanks Hun, I really enjoyed reviewing this book… I do agree flicking between the past and Present when writing a book is never easy and it’s easy to lose clarity with some books… But I did find with this book that I wasn’t once confused which is a real credit to the Author and how well he wrote and set this book out…

      I hope you have you’re having a lovely week… 🙂

      Take care.


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