My Review of Auctumnalis (The Space Between Worlds) Author Parandus Gold.


My Review of Auctumnalis ( The Space Between Worlds)

Author Parandus Gold.

Auctumnalis (The Space Between Worlds) kept me up all night engrossed in this novel. What can I say this novel was amazingly gripping and I found the story very intriguing, it really took me on a whole rollercoaster of emotions from sadness, to fear and sometimes hope in places. I also loved how this novel was put together because there is point of view hopping between Izobel and DesdeMona as well as back and forth between their past and present memories. I thought Parandus did a great job at setting this out into small sections within the chapters as to not confuse the reader.

The novel itself follows two girls Izobel and DesdeMona after they leave the orphanage together and start a life in a world where people have turned on-one-another and demons as well as Lykos’ invade the streets killing and enslaving people. I found this concept really chilling. It made me think while reading this that is just how a world could turn out if there were little food and people lost the thing that makes them care for others. Throughout the novel we get to know how the two girls met and what makes them close and yet so different. I have to admit the part where they first became friends melted me, even though it wasn’t a sweet first meeting, but their meeting had a forever feel to it.

I loved how while reading this novel I didn’t know who to root for as both girls found different friends they believed in and kind of went in different directions as they fought for survival. DesdeMona was very much into books and it always felt like she was the one who had her head right throughout most of the novel. Although her character didn’t feel as though she had much trust for anyone apart from her friend who she would go to the ends of the earth to keep safe. Whereas  Izobel always felt as though she kept a childish innocence about her and loved to save others, never really losing that thing that made her care. I think that was what made both characters jel really  well.

I did find the violence throughout the novel quite nail-biting, and a bit chilling. Although those scenes were important to the story and understanding the world Izobel and DesdeMona lived in, as well as helping the reader feel their isolation in their make-shift safe house they stayed in because of the things that were happening out in their world. This was written very well.

I also loved the names of some of the characters such as, Redek and Prometheus’.

I would recommend this novel if you like fantasy, and a bit of bloodthirsty action and a touch of romance, as well as following great characters who have a real bond and a very interesting way about them.

This novel is available on the kindle link Amazon Auctumnalis


4 thoughts on “My Review of Auctumnalis (The Space Between Worlds) Author Parandus Gold.

  1. Brilliant review Katie. It sounds like one of those books where a terrible situation brings people together by forming a really close bond both between the characters and the reader. 🙂

    • Hi Vittoria,

      Thank you for reading my review, I’m glad you enjoyed it. It was one of them book which was rather gripping even through the grim happenings around the two girls. I thought the two girls were great characters. 🙂

      I hope you’re having a great week.

      Take care.


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