My Review Of Cross Academy Author Valicity Garris.

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My Review Of Cross Academy Author Valicity Garris.

I really enjoyed reading Cross Academy after being drawn to the book by its blurb. I couldn’t put it down for the best part of the night and most of the next day. I found the storyline really gripping and emotional in some places. As well as very hopeful and full of kindness and friendship and love.

Cross Academy  is a fantasy book  with a very strong female character called Fox  who live in Wee with her family and best Friend  KI.  However, things take a turn for the worst resulting in her having to fight demons and try and protect her friend from all the creatures who are trying to get hold of him with the help of Izzy, Lieutenant Diaz,  and Cole  all a part of Cross Academy. I loved some of the characters names throughout this book and the mixture of battle and religion, right and wrong. I often found myself asking the question Would you be able to kill the people closest to you for the good of others? While reading this novel and I admired Fox’s will to stand up for the friend she cared about while still feeling remorse or guilt for what she had to do to be able to be his strength.

I also loved the descriptions throughout this novel along with the way the novel started with just a short paragraph  that really pulled me into the story.  I really hope there will be a Cross  Academy two because I would love to know what happens next for Fox and her friends and Elders.

I would recommend this novel if you like a gripping read that has an unpredictable end and lots of battles against the demons and other creatures in a world where anything can happen  and characters are pushed to the edge of what they would do to save their homes, friends, and family this book is a must read.

This novel is a real credit to the author Valicity Garris she has a real flair for creating believable characters in a world with its own rules and survival tactics.

Cross Academy Can Be Found On Amazon.

8 thoughts on “My Review Of Cross Academy Author Valicity Garris.

  1. Hi Katie, You do a great job of describing the book for readers. I too am drawn into a book when the first paragraph is fairly short. It somehow seems to speed me right into the story. 🙂

  2. Interesting review Katie. 🙂 Sounds like the type of book which has a real knot in the plot where the character/s have to choose between the better of two worse alternatives. I read the book ‘Sacrilege’ which was a fantastic novel that has a strong element of trying to sift through the better of worse alternatives.

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