The Field of Difference. Missy Talk A Lot’s Fifth Diary Entry.


The Field of Difference.

Missy Talk A Lot’s Fifth Diary Entry.

Another Night With Fumble..

Diary it’s been such a long night. Fumble and I captured Sib, he had somehow broke free from  the rest of the dolls waiting out there. He looked hungry and his eyes spun round and round like he had lost the plot. We guided him slowly towards the owl’s drop off point and then hid so he could no longer find us.  

We had  waited and waited for the owls, but they failed to drop a single thing for us to bargain with.  And we had no chance to see if Sib who had been calling and whispering would be able to capture one of those owls.  

I’m starting to worry they know what happened to Marylin. I can’t help but fear they are plotting against our plans. Never the less the night wasn’t a complete loss. Fumble had told me some very interesting stories of a time  before the owls dumped him here. I fear I might have developed a protective streak over him, unlike the others I have met in this place. He seems to understand me. I sit here now watching him moving around the swamp looking for Wally as I write to you.

One of the things about last night that I can’t get out of my head, is the fact that out there were Fumble comes from, people are walking around free not knowing what is right around the corner. He told me how much he misses his family and wish that he could just go home. Tears shone from his interface as I realised  just how much the last few nights had  taken his joyousness away. I had told him that ‘I wouldn’t let him be pulled in and stripped for parts.’

However, as I watch the swamp dolls pulling at the edge, their grabbing fingers wiggling in the sunlight. I wondered if all of them at some point had promised each other they would make it out of here? Many years before I found myself on the cold side of this place. It makes me fear that my promises are empty.

Fumble waved his metal arm at me, his smiling interface gave me a little rest from the terrible things all around me. I hoped if the time ever did come and we both got the chance to leave. We would together.

Wally jumped out from a tree with Sib in his mouth and threw him back from where he escaped, then he sat beside Fumble hissing at the water, his paws swatted the fingers poking out before he jumped back like they would rise and pull him in too.

Tonight I needed a new plan, but what I should do is still lurking somewhere in my mind. No matter, something will come to me. It looks like Wally has just left Fumble and knowing that robot he will sink quicker than a undercooked pie left alone out there too long. 

Until we meet again.


Missy Talk A lot..

4 thoughts on “The Field of Difference. Missy Talk A Lot’s Fifth Diary Entry.

  1. Hi Katie,

    The last sentence made me laugh… Undercooked pie. 😀
    I’d love to hear what her plan is.

    Take care,

    Vittoria 🙂

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