The Field of Difference. Missy Talk A Lot’s Third Diary Entry. Meeting Fumble and Wally.


The Field of Difference.

Missy Talk A Lot’s Third Diary Entry.

Meeting Fumble and Wally.

Diary last night while hiding again from the call of the dolls waiting for me out there. The most terrifying creature came running at me through the bushes. His black furry paws pinned me to the ground as he hissed in my face. Getting his spittle all over my cheeks. I laid as still as I could and hoped he wouldn’t try to rip me apart or worse take me to the dolls calling my name.

He picked me up with his mouth, his teeth dug into my tummy and his slimy tongue kept getting stuck in my hair as he ran through the trees. After what felt like a few blurred moments he dropped me roughly at the wheels of a very sorry-looking robot.

 “Flesh Being, where are we?” he had asked me as I stood while keeping my eyes fixed on the creature. I was going to run from them, however I wouldn’t stand much of a chance only having two legs compared to the furry beasts four strong paws. So I had stood tall in front of them both showing I was not afraid.

“Cutie pies, who are you both? What were you thinking of getting trapped in The Field of Difference?” I said, as the robot slid closer to me followed by his menacing looking pet.

 “Flesh being, this is Wally,  I’m Fumble. We were both brought here, we’re only trying to find a way out,” Fumble had told me. I nearly laughed at him, as you know Diary there’s no way out of here. I made that perfectly clear to them both.

He suggested I took him back to where I had been staying or hiding from last night and he would then find his own way. Well we arrived back as the sun crept through the clouds and still he sits beside me.

Wally on the other hand had already went bounding into the soil thrashing around. Then just before a small hand grabbed his tail he jumped out again and ran off snarling. I don’t think it will be long before he too becomes a victim of this place.

Fumble suggested we join forces, like I want another robot as a friend right now. He seemed such a softy I doubted he would last out here. Besides keeping myself out of trouble is enough hard work. But seeing that lost look on his interface made me reconsider. Maybe I could find use for him for a while.

Tonight we are going on a stake out to the place where we all got dropped off. Maybe if we could catch one of those half-breed-owls. We would have something to bargain with. If anything it was a place to hide when the moon was out.

Wally hissed at me as he ran past. I don’t like him, he seemed like any moment he would lose the plot and eat everything in sight.

I best go diary. It will be getting dark soon. Fumble and I will be off to seek out our bargaining tool whoever that may be. Wish me a safe journey and I will write back as soon as I return.

Signed Missy Talk Alot..For blog-- black cat (Image..)

6 thoughts on “The Field of Difference. Missy Talk A Lot’s Third Diary Entry. Meeting Fumble and Wally.

  1. Hi Katie,
    I really enjoyed Missy Talk A Lot’s third diary entry. You do a great job of capturing her fear, and describing how these events would feel to a doll. Great job! Thanks for another interesting blog post. 🙂

    • Hi Kendra..

      Thanks Hun that means a lot that you enjoyed Missy Talk ALot’s diary Entry..:)

      I hope you’re well and having a lovely weekend.. 🙂

      Take care.


    • Hi Vittora..

      Thanks Hun, means a load to me, you enjoy following Missy Talk Alot’s adventures in ‘The Field of Difference.’ 🙂

      I hope you’re having a fantastic week..

      Take care.
      Katie. 🙂

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