Missy Talk ALot’s Second Diary Entry…Meeting Sib.

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The Field of Difference.

Missy Talk ALot’s Second Diary Entry.

Meeting Sib.

I’m back in this swamp land after investigating the new arrival -Sib- that’s his name, after finding he has no way out of here. I walked back and to my horror he followed me, even after my warning  about this place. While making my way back I ripped more of my only dress. Now I have Sib looking close to the mushy pit for a needle so I can sew it up again.

I think he’s rather in denial as on the way back he kept repeating; ‘We’ll get out of here, my family will come looking for me, they will find a way of turning me back.’  Diary I hate to burst his bubble but no-one is coming for him. Or me.

I’m watching him now slowly touching his plastic hand into the mushy soil, his short brown hair blowing in the breeze and  the bottom of his clean blue dungarees getting all muddy as he searches for my needle. I wondered then if I should call him ‘cutie pie’ and use him to help me while I try to get myself out of here?

He turns to me the sewing needle in his hand as he waves it about like he has just found a golden nugget.  I’ve decided that I could get used to him for a while. However as he is making his way slowly towards me his blue glassy eyes spin round and round like an animated clock’s face. His legs begin to sink, two dirty hands are pulling at his ankles. He calls out to me but I can’t move, it’s everyone for themselves in this place. I close my eyes until his voice is no more. And when I open them again I see his head peeping out of the green soil, he looks mad like the rest, maybe he’s waiting for me because I failed to go help him? I warned him diary to stay where he was, but he had to follow me.

I can see more eyes watching me now, they are all waiting for me to join them, to become a doll of the soil. Sometimes I wonder if I should give into them and let them pull me in and yet I know I don’t belong with them. I can hear them calling me and I know I must hide until daylight where they all sink away until new prey is dropped into this land. Diary I’m going now to hide. I will hopefully write soon.

Signed Missy Talk Alot..

Have a great weekend all…  🙂

6 thoughts on “Missy Talk ALot’s Second Diary Entry…Meeting Sib.

  1. Hi Katie,
    I enjoyed reading more of Missy Talk A Lot’s diary entries. You do a great job of capturing her fear and uncertainty at what might happen next, and it reads like a short story. Great blog post 🙂 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. Love this, Katie!
    Sorry not been in touch, been a very difficult week,
    Hope all is ok with you, will email in the morning and explain.xx

    • Hi Vittora.

      Thanks Hun… I’m glad you enjoyed reading it.. 🙂

      Ha!! You’ve taught me something new there as I didn’t know you could do that myself… 🙂

      I hope you’re having a fantastic weekend..

      Take care,

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