Interview with Gwendolyn… From My Novel Finding Destiny….

OC Gwendolyn

Artist Xàos

Interview with Gwendolyn…

From My Novel Finding Destiny…. 

Welcome Gwendolyn and thank-you for taking the time to leave me with some answers to my questions.

I’m the book lady. I used to work and live in the book shop in Quill City. It was pleasant enough apart from a few little incidents with Alex and Dragonstar. I’m a strong believer in the brotherhood of robots after all it was my idea to open that path to Flicker and I hear it still stands strong today.    

1) Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Gwendolyn, a witch of sorts, and as many will say I have been known to dabble in the dark arts of the half-breeds in my time. I also have a sister – Mona – we were not the best of friends, as I think over these questions I feel a sudden pang of regret that I wasn’t a better sister. However I had my magic stick for company over the years and travelled inside many books with endings that would make you scream if I allowed people to read them. No those books were always stored away in my trunk above the shop. I never told anyone about them, mind who would I tell? Being alone helps oneself keep many secrets and hide many scars. 

2) Who do you most get on with in your world?

I don’t think I got on with many very well. My own fault of course.

3) If you could swap places with a fellow person you know, who would it be?

It would be Mona. I often wondered what being a force of good feels like!  

4) Do you have any advice for anyone who may come face to face with unsavoury Characters?

I do my mysterious friends, understand that any unsavoury characters had a soul once and not all of us are irredeemable. If such a person enters your life make a choice, do you join them and leave that nice soul of yours long behind? Or fight them and take the little soul they have left? And if you are young like I was when these dark arts came calling to me. Run unless you want to end up as I did…..

5)  If I told you in my world your life has been written about, what do you feel about that?

My life? What a scary read that must be. I don’t mind as I should show that even those of us who have run with half-breeds can still choose to do good acts. I’m not saying good acts landed me in a good place, but at least now I’m reunited with my soul, not one tainted with my past and all the things I have done.

Thank-you very much Gwendolyn for sending me your answers to my questions..

If you would like to travel into the world where Gwendolyn lived with many others, you will find her in the pages of Finding Destiny….

Have a wonderful Week all.

4 thoughts on “Interview with Gwendolyn… From My Novel Finding Destiny….

    • Hi Kendra…

      Thanks Hun, I’m glad you enjoyed learning about Gwendolyn, and like her illustration.

      I hope you’re having a nice weekend..

      Take care..

  1. Hi Katie,

    I especially love how the characters respond to their world being written about. 😀 It’s a little surprise for them to think about.

    Take care,


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