Interview with Blossom… From My Novel Finding Destiny….

OC Blossom

Artist Xàos

Interview with Blossom…

From My Novel Finding Destiny….


Welcome Blossom and thank-you for taking the time to leave me with some answers to my questions that I left in the museum….

Oh Misters and ladies. I found these questions among my fairy tents, I shall try to wave a little fairy magic on these questions just for you. Let’s see you’re wanting to know about the fairies living in Flickers garden. Well right now I’m training Destiny and Estelle’s goodness fairies, so when their time comes they can spread their goodness. I’m sure I would have trained yours at some point, everyone has one keeping their hearts good. So if yours should appear someday at the bottom of your garden be kind to her.

1) Tell us a little about yourself…

I’m Blossom Alex’s goodness fairy. I watched over him waiting to spread my goodness like a good fairy should. Now my day is filled with teaching Chance to fly and the other goodness fairies what it’s to be one. I think we have an important job to do, even if we’re mostly unseen sticking to our little village until we’re needed.

I’ve also been flitting about Mona M Law-way’s place, helping her decide if our new visitor is anyone to worry about. My findings are he doesn’t have red eyes, but he seem to have taken an interest in the half-breed history this is troubling me, why would anyone want to know of such horrors?

2) Who do you most get on with in your world?

Alex after all I’ve known him all his life…

3) If you could swap places with a fellow person you know, who would it be?

This is a hard one. I don’t think I could give up my  fairy wings…

4) Do you have any advice for anyone who may come face to face with unsavoury Characters?

Oh Misters and Ladies, unsavoury even the word sounds unnerving. My only advice is to not get squeezed by one. You’ll not like it. Contact the brotherhood of robots they would be more help against those sort of people. Don’t you let them beat you, goodness must win out and your goodness fairy is never too far to help spread that.   

5)  If I told you in my world your life has been written about, what do you feel about that?

Oh my really, the goodness is spreading through paper? That must be some magic you have. I feel like giving you all some goodness right now, is that allowed? I hope so, it’s only fair if the word of the goodness fairies and our magic village is being passed from person to person. Here’s my words of goodness, say them to your friends and family start spreading our goodness.

OC Blossom

Blossom; Goodness Fairy.

We call upon the moon and stars on this magic night. 

Our heart’s open wide as we bless our friends with the magic of a goodness glow.

May you stay strong, and your lives be full of the love, kindness and fairy magic.

All us fairies fly the sky to-night lighting up the stars, sending you all goodness until we meet again.

Thank-you very much Blossom  for sending me your answers to my questions. And for your blessing. I’m sure the goodness is felt worlds over. If you would like to travel into the world where Blossom lives with many others, you will find her in the pages of Finding Destiny..

Have a magical weekend all..

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