Interview with Alex…. From My Novel Finding Destiny….


Artist: Xàos

Interview with Alex….

From My Novel Finding Destiny….

Welcome Alex and thank-you for taking the time to leave me with some answers to my questions that I left inside the museum…. 

Lotty told me about your questions, so I’m answering them. I have travelled into different places and believe you’re just like me. Exploring our world so different from yours I’m sure. You’re welcome to visit me anytime. Right now I’m being watched by Sassy I’m looking after her for my daughter. Sassy has become a little wild. When you visit us you can take her, if you want, she still give me the shivers.

1) Tell us a little about yourself…

Alex is the name. I came to Quill City not quite by choice, but I’m glad I stayed. I’m surrounded by people I love and respect and all the things I’ve been through since being here has made me the man I am today. Some things just grow a person quickly…    

2) Who do you most get on with in your world?

That is a hard one for me, but I had better say Faith, she is after all my wife and there’s nothing stronger than love is there? She’s my rock and we’ve been through so much together, life would be dull without her… Also my children they are the future and my adventure couldn’t  have started without them.

3) If you could swap places with a fellow person you know, who would it be?

Hmm.. Bill I think, he became a great mate of mine and I would love to know what has become of him. He was a man of many strengths and left his mark in Quill City….

4) Do you have any advice for anyone who may come face to face with unsavoury Characters?

Unsavoury like the thing that brought me here in the first place? My only advice is never take no for an answer. Stand your ground and stay honest to yourself.. And do whatever it takes for the people you love.

5)  If I told you in my world your life has been written about, what do you feel about that?

It doesn’t surprise me, what happened here should be passed down to all worlds through time and space. You just never know when you might meet a half-breed. I won’t scare you more, if you’ve read about my life you’ll know what you must do if the need arises in your world.

I have to stand for the artist now, one of Lotty’s ideas so I’m told.. See you in Quill City should you ever arrive.  

Thank-you very much Alex for taking time to answer my questions..It has been a pleasure to hear about you.


Have a lovely Easter weekend all …



6 thoughts on “Interview with Alex…. From My Novel Finding Destiny….

    • Hi Marianne…

      Thanks Hun, I glad you enjoyed Alex’s interview and the drawing of him…Me too, Xaos is a great artist and captures the people of Quill City fantastically… 🙂

      I hope you’re having an amazing Easter weekend…

      Take care.


  1. Hi Katie, Happy Easter! Great interview, I loved finding out more about Alex. his thoughts on the other characters and getting to learn about what he’s doing now. 🙂

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