Interview With Dragonstar….. From My Novel Finding Destiny….


Artist; Xàos

Interview with Dragonstar…..

From My Novel Finding Destiny….

Welcome Dragonstar and thank-you for taking the time to leave me with some answers to my questions that I left in the museum….

Don’t welcome me like I actually got invited, instead of stole the questions on my way through the museum. Where those from Quill City talk about my fate… Mine! Do you believe it? They think they really have one over on me… I don’t cave to no one! This image is being past from Quill City to stop the children from fearing me… Nothing like me I tell you.You think anyone could capture my true evilness? You’re just fooling yourself..

1) Tell us a little about yourself…

Dragonstar’s the name, don’t I just strike fear into your bones? No then I can only assume you’re a fool and should run at once because my dear question writer.. I might be making my way to your world next. My dear I’m considered as the outcast, the bad soul, the funny thing is I hold all the cards.. I have different sides to myself that makes it easy to sneak up on you and before you’d know it your world is under my control thanks to me… I’m sure I’ll be seeing you soon dear.

2) Who do you most get on with in your world?

You dare ask that question.. I have no alliance to anyone in this world…  

3) If you could swap places with a fellow person you know, who would it be?

There’s only one despicable human I would swap with and that’s Gwendolyn… I could strip her from her powers that could help others gain the upper-hand.

4) Do you have any advice for anyone who may come face to face with unsavoury Characters?

My dear  unsavoury is my specialty… Advice for my fellow followers. Never ever let the mare humans and other species get one over on you. Show them just who’s pit they have fallen into, then clamp down on their flesh and take their freedom with your poison….   

5)  If I told you in my world your life has been written about, what do you feel about that?

My life? What I must have taught your people. Maybe you’re a fellow follower and now will join us in our fight to gain Quill City. If not you must be the ones we fight. I will be flying off among the trees any moment, where I wait to descend on my prey.. I shall see you, whether you are with me or with those who will feel the bite of the Half-breeds…   

Thank-you very much Dragonstar for gracing us with answers my questions..

If you would like to travel into the world where Dragonstar lives with many others, you will find him in the pages of Finding Destiny….

6 thoughts on “Interview With Dragonstar….. From My Novel Finding Destiny….

  1. Hi Katie,
    Great posts! Loving the interviews. 🙂
    Hope you’re all well and having a great Easter break,

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