Novel Celebrations and Great Friends..


Novel Celebrations and Great Friends..

This last week I released my first novel Finding Destiny, it has been a great adventure from writing it and working with the characters to seeing it published into an eBook. My mum had a cake made with the front cover on it to celebrate my release of my eBook. It was so lovely of her…

I think all authors should be so proud of releasing their first book, their will only ever be one first and that is a huge achievement.. This post is to say Congratulations to all of you on your first novels and writing achievements.

I have had some great support from fellow writers and great friends who are talented and I’m super proud to say they released their first books and eBooks… Congratulations Kendra Olson Author of The Forest King’s Daughter on her first eBook was released today on Amazon.. I can’t wait to read it. You are a real talented writer. —- Congratulations Ruth F Hunt Author of The Single Feather, on your release of your first Book and eBook. Your book is beautifully written and I really enjoyed reading your novel. Thank-you both for all your support as well. I wish you both all the best.

Also Congratulations to Marianne Wheelaghan Author of  Killer Shoe Shine soon to be released and her two other fantastic books.. As well as Anne Hamilton  Author of A Blonde Bengali Wife, it’s a great read.. I enjoyed reading it a year or so ago. And Patricia Asedegbega  Author of I stand corrected (Rosario and Balou series) Another great read that was released last year. Not forgetting Louisa J. Dang Author of  Rest and be thankful and Catherine G Gault Author of Bones and whispers another two fantastic novels…

I’m sure there are loads and loads of novels to be celebrated for being released into the big wide world, after being lovingly crafted. So feel free to add your favourite novels or the titles of your own novels in the comments below and share why you enjoyed them.

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Have a lovely Weekend…

From…  Katie, Smokey, Holly and Jessie…




8 thoughts on “Novel Celebrations and Great Friends..

  1. That vwas a lovely cake, made by your mum. Many congratulations – it’s great to see it do so well. You should be very proud. Happy Birthday as well!

    • Hi Ruth…

      Thanks Hun…. It was lovely for my mum to have a cake made for me. Congratulations on your novel too, your book’s amazing.. 🙂

      Thank-you for the birthday wishes too…

      Have a lovely weekend..

      Take care..

    • Hi Kendra…

      Thanks Hun It’s a beautiful cake- It feels a shame to eat it… Congratulations on your upcoming release too Hun… Can’t wait to read your book I have my kindle charged and ready for it.. You should be super proud of yourself.

      Have a lovely weekend..

      Take care.


  2. Hi Katie,
    Congratulations on getting your book published!! 🙂
    Having a cake with your book on it is really special.

    Hope you have a great week,


    • Hi Vittoria

      Thanks Hun, that means a load… It was a really nice cake… I didn’t like eating it because it was so pretty… 🙂

      I hope you’re well…

      Have a lovely week..


  3. Hi Katie, a very belated congratulations on publication and thanks for mentioning me and my books 🙂 The cake looks stupendous, I’m imagining it was thoroughly enjoyed 🙂

    • Hi Marianne…

      Thanks Hun, and my pleasure I really enjoyed reading your novels… The cake was lovely although a bit sad when it was time to eat it as it looked so nice…:)

      I hope you’ve had a nice week…


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