Smokey’s Five Suggestions On How To Kill Mr. Turkey…

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Smokey’s Five Suggestions On How To Kill Mr. Turkey…

‘Meow’ my fellow cats and humans alike, it’s my blogging turn. I know it’s late coming with my human being a computer hog. I tell you not even chewing on the laptop cord earns me computer time.. Mind I don’t recommend it fellow cats my human tells me ‘I could die of something called an electric shock if I don’t pack it in…’

It got me thinking of what I’ve been up to the last couple of weeks – Finding out the best way to kill Mr. Turkey… See he has been in my life for a long time, at first I didn’t mind him being around. I could kick him with my paws and watch him from my hiding points… But now he has become unbeatable and I think he has turned into an evil toy bird really… I came up with five possible ways I could think of  to kill him to gain my home back..

First) I jumped on Mr. Turkey digging my claws into  his wings, but he played dead and when I thought he was a gonna and let him go I found him in the cat tree being cuddled by Holly..

Second) Biting his neck and flinging him about the room like a wild cat, but then he flew through the air, and I lost him..

Third) Drag him to the kitchen and place him in the cooking pot, not got as far as trying that one yet humans said ‘I’m not to play with the pots and pans’

Fourth) Setting him out into the wild and hoping the wild cats in the neighbourhood gets him, that one hasn’t been a success because my human keeps telling me ‘I like Mr. Turkey.’ (so he never make it past the door)

Five) Feed him to Jessie… I wonder if she would kill him for me? Hmm would a cat pass the buck?

So all you writer’s/ reader’s of ‘fictional killer’s’ what is the best way you would kill Mr. Turkey? Or defeat your fictional meanies? I’m open to suggestions..

Have a catastic weekend..


8 thoughts on “Smokey’s Five Suggestions On How To Kill Mr. Turkey…

    • Hi Ruth…

      I got Mr. Turkey from pets at home many years ago, haven’t seen the same one sense because I wanted to get him a spare as he loves to beat that toy more than any other he has ever had. 🙂

      I hope you have a lovely weekend.
      Katie/ Smokey

  1. Hi Katie,

    Leo told me that he has bird seed on his farm if Smokey needs any bait lol. 😉 Leo say that he has heard of electric shock – seen it on his farm during a storm lol. He say be very careful.

    Great post from Smokey. Really looking forward to reading your blog posts.

    Cute video as well. I love how Smokey is kicking the Turkey toy haha. 😀

    Take Care,

    Ashley xxx

    • Hi Ashley..

      Smokey say ‘Leo I could do with bait lead him to the cooking pot, great idea..’ 😉 Smokey say ‘you too Leo electric shock sound scary..’

      Awww thank-you that means a load Hun… 🙂

      Smokey loves kicking Mr. Turkey, that poor bird has been through it over the years I think..

      Have a lovely weekend Hun..

      Take care..
      Katie/ Smokeyxx

  2. Hi Katie, and Smokey,
    Good luck in killing Mr Turkey. I’m not sure of the best way to go about it. Maybe Holly can help?
    That looks like a great cat toy. Super fun video too 🙂
    Kendra, Othello and Cleo

    • Hi Kendra…

      Me either, Smokey say ‘Holly more a save Mr Turkey then kill him… She’s little help with this,’

      He is good to kick and toy with at times… I’m glad you liked the video.. 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend..

      Katie/ Smokey..

  3. ha ha ha … great post, Smokey! 🙂 I think you are having way too much fun with Mr Turkey to get rid of him, which is exactly what happens to me with my fictional meanies ie: i have that much fun writing about them I never want to stop!

    • Hi Marianne..

      Why thank-you… 🙂 Smokey say ‘you could be right there, maybe he’ll just toy with him a little longer’ 😉

      I know what you mean who can resist writing more about meanies, before they reach their end..

      I hope you have a lovely weekend..

      Katie/ Smokey.

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