My little Review Of Balou Uncensored

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My little Review Of Balou Uncensored

 Author Patricia Asedegbega.

Balou Uncensored is a really special read…. I got it on my kindle at midnight last night and couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Every cat lover should read this book had me laughing, and in tears.

The book itself is written from Balou (cat) point of view, he guides the reader through what he feels as a cat, as well as gives readers and their fellow cats his wisdom and tips on how to get what they need and want out of their days, in a heartfelt and funny way. I think one of the parts of this book that stayed with me was the last chapter on love of cats and humans was really beautifully written.

Congratulations to Balou and Patricia on the release of the EBook  it’s a very enjoyable special read, as well as beautifully written. Smokey and Holly also loved this being read to them at midnight (luck cats) purrs all round from them.

I would recommend this book  to all cat lovers and animal lover to read together.


6 thoughts on “My little Review Of Balou Uncensored

  1. Oh this sounds like an adorable book. I loved Patricia’s ‘I Stand Corrected’! It’s nice to see that she gave Balou a book of his own!

    • Hi Teddyrose1,

      I agree it’s great to see that Patricia gave Balou his own book. I really enjoyed reading it..I also like I stand Corrected too.

      I hope you have a great Christmas.

      Take care.

  2. Smokey, Holly and Jessie would’ve loved the midnight reading – I know my cats would always love late-night reading. Great to hear that you enjoyed the novel. It’s always funny to read things from a cat’s perspective. 🙂

    Ash 🙂

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