Blog Guest..Jessica’s Thoughts And Tips On Holidays.

Jessica’s Thoughts On Human Holidays.


 I would like to say a very warm welcome Jessica to my blog..

Hi, I’m Jessica and I’m going to talk about humans going on holidays. It annoyed me so much I took up milk.

Human going on a big flying bird to the other side of the globe is bad. They leave their cats to see big stone things and ancient stuff before coming back and acting all nice like nothing has ever happened. Me really mad and still mad over a month later and have a few kitty thoughts to share on the topic of humans going away on holidays.

While human was on holiday in far off land somewhere, I was taken to another house. This wasn’t just any house but Leo’s house. When I arrived I knew this weren’t going to be good because Leo is not very inviting. Leo is protective kitty that likes his backyard and indoor sleeping spots without any other feline interference.

This is Leo…


I can’t say that he was glad to see me. He hissed at me and I hissed at him. It took a while for us to kind of get along. Nevertheless he had to put up with me for a month and vice versa. By the end we could stand in the same room. It was an improvement from last time. Being away at another’s house meant that I had learnt new survival techniques. Being around another feline was tough and here are some


– Stand your ground. Never let another kitty scare you into another room.

– The other cat actually more scared than you. They worried about a new kitty in the household. Use this as a tactic to get what you want.

– Always be on time at feeding time. You never know if other kitty will use your meal as seconds.

– For girl kitties wear makeup and look classy. Show other feline you’ve got class. Claws and hair must be groomed.

Another thing I found about going to another house while human on holiday is different sleep time. Caring old lady went to bed really early. This meant more sleep for me and no late-night party sessions. This was annoying but good for my body clock.

Thanks everyone for reading my post on holiday thoughts. If you’re a human please never ever should you go on holiday. Cat is your priority. If you are a cat that read this. Watch for suitcases and act sick- I should’ve known.


Thank-you Jessica for  sharing your thoughts on my blog it has been a pleasure. Smokey and Holly agrees with you completely and  have taken note of all your tips.

If anyone want to read more about Jessica you can find her on her blog at her humans blog at


6 thoughts on “Blog Guest..Jessica’s Thoughts And Tips On Holidays.

  1. Hi Katie,
    Thank you for having Jessica as a guest writer. She loves sharing her thoughts with others.

    Hope everyone has enjoyed the post 🙂

    Ash and Jessica

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