What Character Would You Swap Lives With?

canstockphoto7835747 (2)What Character Would You Swap Lives With?

Imagine you have just finished reading your favourite book or working with your favourite characters from your own book. You are about to close the curtains and turn out the lights. When a magic door pops up smack bang in the middle of your bedroom wall with a sign that reads Character Swap in huge letters. You move closer to the door, squinting your eyes, you read the small print underneath.

“Touch the golden handle, think of the character you want to swap with, pull open the door and walk inside.” Now your hand is resting on the golden door handle, it’s your choice who you will swap lives with, think carefully. Who will you be swapping with? Why that character? Now you have thought of who it will be push down the handle and enter your new life. What is the one thing you’re enjoying about living your character’s life?  What would you hate about your character’s life?

If the magic door popped up in my bedroom beckoning me to swap with a character I think it would be a hard one to decide on. I think I would swap with Missy Talk A Lot from my first written novel. I would swap with her because she has a strange personality that would scare the hell out of my family if they woke to her talking away on my bed. I would choose her also because at least I would half know what I was  getting myself into.  😉

I think now I have her life, I would be enjoying converting the others I have met there into my way of thinking and enjoying the new adventure for a little while. I don’t think I would like my new living conditions through.

Share who you opened the door to swap with! 🙂

 I hope you have a lovely Friday!!




8 thoughts on “What Character Would You Swap Lives With?

  1. Great question … and I’m still thinking of an answer ;o) I think it’d have to be DS Townsend but only because she sends a lot of time in faraway places. I would not like to suffer from her obsessive compulsive disorder though, I would find that tedious and very stressful!

    • Hi Marianne.

      Thanks Hun, I was thinking on it for a while too… I think DS Townsend sounds like a great character swap, you can travel her adventures. 🙂 Yes I could see how that would be stressful to suffer from.

      I hope you’re well.

      Have a nice weekend.
      Take Care.

  2. Great blog post, Katie,
    I think I would swap lives with Kate from TSF. Although she has struggles of her own, she always appears calm and in control, her husband Jonathon also seems like a nice chap.
    Fab question and made me think.

    • Hi Ruth.

      Thanks Hun, I think Kate from TSF sounds like a nice character to swap with, and her husband sound like someone you could get on with in her world. 🙂

      I hope you’re well.

      Have a lovely weekend.
      Take care.

  3. Hi Katie,
    Interesting question! Hmm…maybe Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I think I’d rather turn into a character in a children’s book as kids have fewer worries than adults, and Alice gets to do so many interesting things. Plus, this is my all-time favourite children’s story, and I’ve always wanted to meet the real Cheshire cat. 😉
    All best wishes,

    • Hi Kendra.

      Thank-you Hun, I agree Alice would be fun to swap with kids do have less worries then adults. Alice does get to see and do interesting things.Seeing a really Cheshire cat would be fun and you would get a happy unbirthday too. 🙂

      Take care.

  4. Hi Katie,
    Great question. I would like to maybe be Axel in Journey to the Centre of the Earth. Uncovering new and unseen things is really interesting.

    Take care,

    Ashley and Jessica 🙂

    • Hi Ashley and Jessica.

      Thank-you Hun…. Axel sounds fun to swap with. I bet it would be fun uncovering new ans unseen things. 🙂

      I hope you’re having a nice week.

      Take care.

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