Jessie The Blog Dog’s Fairytale


Jessie The Blog Dog’s Fairytale

Woof! Woof! all fluffy  friends and humans big and tiny. Jessie the blog dog here again, today’s blog post is special one because I bring news of another new family member. Also I have pawed and tapped out a special short tale to go with my post today. I’m as good as Smokey me thinks. I better get on with it before I need to hide from the huge scary fireworks again.

News of the weeks is; my human became an Aunty again to little Imogen, she is a wee little baby me thinks compared to me. My human  keeps telling me that ‘she’ll be running after me  one-day’ I looked at her and think she aren’t getting far anytime soon. In other news I send cuddles too all who were scared of fireworks, you fluffy lot are not alone. Now is the time we all curl up after our horrible night and I shall tell you a fairytale. ‘Woof! You all, are hidden under your blankets?’

Once upon a blogging Thursday night, where the fireworks blasted through the dark sky creating magical lights flashing through-out the entire house.  Jessie (that’s me) ran like the wind up the huge stairs and found a magic crystal ball, that Smokey had told her grunted magic wishes on fireworks night. Jessie slowly pulled the ball from its pretty base and carried it in her mouth back down the stairs. She tiptoed into the living room and slowly did a walk of the room. Jessie found that she could hear everyone’s thoughts as she passed them. Jessie went to Holly who was watching her with mild curiosity.

‘Holly can you, use your wand on the humans, so they all think of one wish for Imogen?’ Holly nodded and as a firework split the air she meowed loudly, a sprinkle of glitter covered everyone even Smokey who sneezed wildly. Jessie passed Smokey, as she did so with the crystal ball she heard him meow.

‘I wish Imogen love cats especially me, can’t hurt to get in good before she learns to pull tail’ Jessie shook her head at him as the crystal ball glowed red and then went clear again. As she passed her  favourite friend human she stopped and listened.

‘I wish Imogen, inner beauty and sweetness to all things’ the crystal ball floated out of Jessie’s mouth, like a toy that had been thrown too hard and glowed so many pretty colours, until it landed in the hands of the most beautiful pink winged fairy called Blossom, she fluttered  over to baby Imogen and shook the ball until all little blue and pink butterflies fluttered about her head and whispered all the wishes, until there were not one left. The butterflies followed Blossom as she floated towards Jessie.

‘Oh doggie, your little charge is very blessed, now you put this ball back, remember I’m never too far from your wishes,’ Jessie nodded as she caught the ball and watched as Blossom and her butterflies disappeared in a stream of glittering lights. Jessie walked over to Imogen proud she had done her part to be sure the little girl would grow up to become everything she was surely meant to be. After placing the ball back in its place. Jessie hid under her comfort blanket and blogged about her magical night.

The End….


Have a tail wagging Friday all!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Jessie The Blog Dog’s Fairytale

  1. Hi Katie and Jessie,
    What a lovely post and with the great video of you and your family with baby Imogen! She is adorable.
    Sorry the fireworks was scary for Jessie. Izzy was feeling worried as well. Luckily bad weather has meant it was just one night, whereas normally it can go on for days and days.
    Great post!

    • Hi Ruth.

      Thanks Hun, she sure is adorable. 🙂
      Jessie has been well scared tonight, she hate them fireworks. Even with the weather they are still going off tonight. Awwww bless Izzy, Jessie send her cuddles. I’m glad the weather meant up your way they were only going off one night. I think they will still be going off Saturday night over here.

      I hope you and Izzy have a lovely weekend.

      Take care.
      Jessie & Katie.

  2. Hi Katie, sorry this is late. Great posts. Love the photos. Baby Imogen is GORGEOUS! Ditto fireworks. Hate them unless they are in proper display, far away from all animals, who are safely hiding under their comfort blankets ;o)

    • Hi Marianne.

      Thanks Hun, she is a real little cutie. 🙂 I’m with Jessie too hate them… I don’t even like displays because when I was little I went to one with my family was on-top of one of their shoulders and a firework went wrong set the woman who was only a few feet in front of me on fire. Shows how dangerous they can be. Jessie hate them so much bless her she gets scared to leave the house even in the day for a while. We have to convince her its safe to go out in the garden. I agree the further away from the animal who are hiding under their comfort blankets the better.

      I hope you are having a lovely week.

      Take care.
      Jessie & Katie….

  3. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for the lovely blog post. Imogen is a beautiful baby, and I love the video of you and your family, especially the photo of baby Imogen in a pumpkin. 🙂
    I’m sorry to hear the fireworks have been scaring Jessie, Our cats weren’t too pleased with them either.
    All best wishes,

    • Hi Kendra.

      Thanks Hun, she is adorable in the pumpkin. 🙂 Yeah Jessie not been a happy dog with the fireworks. I’m sorry Othello and Cleo haven’t been happy about the fireworks either bless them.

      I hope you’re all well.
      Take care.
      Jessie & Katie.

  4. Hi Katie, Such a sweet blog post from Jessie – I hope the fireworks weren’t too scary! 😦
    Imogen is really beautiful and I’m sure she’ll love cats just as I did when I got a bit of cat exposure as a baby lol.
    Hope you are all doing well,
    Ash and Jessica

    • Hi Ash and Jessica.

      Thanks Hun, Jessie found the fireworks really scary…Thanks Hun she is a sweetie I agree I think she will like cats as she grows up. 🙂

      I hope you’re well hunni.

      Take care.
      Jessie and Katie.

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