Smokey’s Halloween Tale


Smokey’s Halloween Tale

‘Meow!’ all blog furry friends, monsters and humans. It’s Halloween Friday and I Smokey will be hiding from the monsters and ghosts that come by every year. I already have my blanket and I have borrowed my humans torch, just encase it becomes dark and spooky. I can feel my fur standing on end at the thought. Before it gets dark and the night is upon me. I’m going to share a little Halloween tale. Light your torches and hide under your blankets before I begin…..

It was last Halloween’s night, the lights were out and a scary orange face grinned from the window of my home. I sat outside hoping to rush inside when the door got opened again. I had tried many times, but that face that seemed to come alight in the window, made me think twice about moving any closer. I heard the voice of my human calling my name over and over, then a  scream came from down the road and a ghost rushed by being chased by a witch. I hoped the witch got the ghost because I was starting to feel alarmed. I closed my eyes hoping that by the time I opened them again the night would be day and the scary face in the window would be no more. I was mistaken and the night seemed scarier, smoke-filled the air and I now found myself on the ground. I was about to run up a tree, when two arms wrapped around me and a croaky voice whispered in my ear.

“You can come with me,” I started to cry, my mind went to the stories of humans being put in huge cooking pots, and wasn’t there something about cats? I wasn’t sure, but I decided I wouldn’t go without a fight. I hissed and dug my claws into the persons shoulder, it was too late I was no longer in the place I had been before. I saw many faces that night that glared as I was carried past making a fuss, until the dreaded moment came when my capture and I vanished through a door.

I was placed in an old cauldron, and spun round and round, that voice came again as she screeched loudly “Smokey, on this night, you will be a tiny little mouse,” green flashes hit my fur and I shrunk smaller and smaller feeling my bone bend and creak, until I was the size of a babies slipper.

I no-longer hissed instead I squeaked “No, don’t send in your cat,” as a huge ginger cat came into the room. He pawed over the huge black cauldron, his yellow eyes stared at me, and I can tell you ‘I ran for my life’ as the cat took chase. His fur left a trailed behind him. Fear ran through my tiny body as I slipped out of the crack in the  door. And to this day I dare not leave under the bed on Halloween night, for when the night draws in and the witches and ghosts come out. So does that cat, looking for me. And I spend the night hiding, while trying not to squeak. Until my curse is over at mornings light. I can still see the huge cat’s revengeful face as he must think of me as his mouse that got away.

If any cats or dogs have their own little Halloween tales they want to share, this spooky night feel free to tell all. And to all humans out there, what scary book or film will you be watching on this night?

Happy Halloween all!


Hiss! Meow! Smokey.

8 thoughts on “Smokey’s Halloween Tale

  1. That was a very spooky tale!
    This will be Izzy’s first Halloween and bonfire night, so I’m just hoping she doesn’t get too spooked out by fireworks and kids trick or treating at the front door. She has plenty of places to hide so she should be ok….

    • Hi Ruth.

      Thanks, congrats Izzy on her first Halloween, Smokey used to come to the door with me when he was a wee kitten and hiss at the trick or treat kids, because it was the first thing he learned before meow. I hope the fireworks don’t scare Izzy, mine can get scared of them at times. That’s great that she has plenty of places to hide through.

      Have a great day.
      Smokey & Katie….

  2. Great wee tale, Katie. I’m not a fan if halloween not because if ghosts, though. Our last dog, Daisy, used to hate fireworks and with halloween being so close to bonfire night, she hated this time of the year. Us too because if her. She used to hide in a big a cupboard until it was all over – it helped a bit when she got deaf ;o) Plus, my pet hate is the way everyone has pumpkin lanterns now instead of turnip lanterns – we always carved turnips when we were wee, when did the pumpkins start? Yep, I can abe a bit of miserable witch 😉

    • Hi Marianne.

      Thanks, I understand when we had Kandy our other Labrador she hated this time of year too. She wasn’t a lover of strangers knocking on our door. I hope your wee puppy don’t get scared this year. I never did turnips before but sound great. Ha! surely not! 🙂

      Have a lovely day.
      Smokey & Katie.

  3. Hi Smokey and Katie,

    Happy Belated Halloween! We enjoyed reading your scary tale, even if it was after Halloween ;-). Othello and Cleo didn’t seem to mind the fireworks, just the trick or treaters.

    Marianne: I have never heard of turnip lanterns, that sounds really interesting. I’m going to look that up now!

    Thanks for a great blog post!

    Best wishes,

    Kendra, Othello and Cleo

    • Hi Kendra

      Happy Belated Halloween too you all too. 🙂 Thanks Hun. Smokey say ‘he’s back to his cat-self again until next year.’ 😉 I’m glad the fireworks don’t bother Othello and Cleo that’s good.

      I hope you have a lovely week.
      Take care.
      Smokey & Katie

  4. Hi Katie,
    Great little story from cutie Smokey. The cauldron always spooks me out – the mental image of a green broth bubbling away haha. 😉
    Hope you are all well,
    Ashley and Jessica xxxx

    • Hi Ashley and Jessica.

      Thanks Hun, Smokey asks ‘does Jessica like Halloween?’ he hopes she stays away from them bubbling cauldrons. 😉

      I hope you’re having a lovely week.
      Take care.
      Smokey and Katie.

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