Moggy Motivation. What Motivates You?

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Moggy Motivation.

What Motivates You?

Meow  again to all my  fellow fur pals and human friends. Smokey here again. It’s purring good to have my paws on the human’s blog once more. So how’s all my new friends been? I hope you’re all getting your fair share of cat-naps like me. I best get to my blogging, before those dreamie treats on the table I’m hiding under calls to me.

Last week something terrible happened in my daily life. I woke from my cat-nap after dreaming about birds in the trees. And the many treats I would get once I chased a  few humans about.  To my humans hands scooping me up and placing me in the dreaded vet box. I was fuming with her how could she? I ended up inside the vets and they wanted me out of my basket. ‘No way’ I hiss! But they seemed motivated in getting me out of the basket they took the roof off. I felt motivated too, claws and hissing went on, until they prodded me with my yearly jab and returned me to the basket. I have only just about forgiven my human.

This terrible interruption to my daily life, got my fluff brain thinking of what motivates me every day. I started to investigate my human and what motivates her. Of course I’m the biggest thing that gives her a shove in the right direction, mostly towards the dreamie treats. However she also seems very motivated when she reads, writes something or learn things that seems to make her want to learn more. Also the other day she told me other humans motivated her too. I offered my best do you want to chase this motivating purr? But found she’s not motivated by jingle balls to chase, she don’t know what she’s missing.

Humans and fur pals what motivates you to write, follow your dreams or chase jingle balls like me?

Have a purrfect week.

4 thoughts on “Moggy Motivation. What Motivates You?

  1. Hi Katie,
    What motivates me is a blank page! Creating something out of nothing, whether that be a painting or story motivates me and is a wonderful experience – even if it doesn’t work out in the end!
    Great post Katie!

  2. Hi Smokey,
    Thanks for a great blog post, and I’m sorry to hear about your terrible, frightening experience at the vet’s this week. Although I know you won’t believe me, your human was really just trying to help you by getting you your yearly jab. I can understand how upset you must have felt though. I hope that she at least gave you plenty of Dreamies to make up for it.
    Well, onto your question. What motivates me to write and tell stories are things which spark my imagination. Reading good books, going to museums and looking at pictures all make me feel imaginative and motivated to write. Watching Othello and Cleo bat their jungle balls on the floor doesn’t hurt either. Other humans motivate me too, especially my good writer friends like Katie and Ruth.
    Have a purrfect week 🙂
    Best wishes,
    p.s. I really enjoyed your photos and video. You are one handsome cat.

    • Hi Kendra.

      Thanks for stopping by friend…It was terrible. I think my human could of helped by gluing the roof of the basket on. She did feed e lots of dreamie and cat milk. I think she could see I was very displeased with her. I will be otherwise out next year on the date. No more yearly jab for me. 😉

      I think they all sound like great motivation, pictures, museums and music can be very motivating.
      Cleo and Othello bat jingle balls about too, good job fellow cats. 🙂 My human say the same her friends, you and Ruth motivate her too.

      Why thanks it feels like I’m a star when my human try and get my best side. 🙂

      Have a purrfect week.

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