Jessie The Blog Dog! Choosing Book Friends Names.

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Choosing Book Friends Names.

Woof (hello)  all kind humans, and all other fur friends.

I’ve been a watching my two fur ball cat friends blog and now it’s my turn, wagging tail here with happiness. My squeaking ball is now under my paw and I’m ready for my first blogging moment. I’ve been a very good girl today and not barked for hours, while my human was hypnotised. I’m not too sure what was done, but she gave me three treats more than normal. It had to be good right?

I saw a big ball in the sky the other day. I barked and barked at it. I told it, ‘you’re not welcome in my garden’ I don’t think it paid me any mind though. I wonder if other dogs feel as I do about them?

My second favourite human, has been teaching me about naming my toys. She said ‘Jessie do this squeaky toy have a name?’ I think she’s a bit of a fluff brain, however I pawed through her diary and found her thoughts on names. It got me thinking of all the names I could use, like Mr stuffing be gone or purple chew monster.

I think it’s the same for my human friend when she blesses her book friends (characters as they are also known, so I hear) with their names. She get very excited when choosing names. I’ve seen her looking at meanings and adding names together to make the right one for each of her book friends.

My question for all you name choosing humans and fur friends is; How do you pick your book friends(characters) names? Do a name shape your book friends life?

Bone and bed time now for me. I Hope you have a woofin’ fun week like me.

Me having ball time!

10 thoughts on “Jessie The Blog Dog! Choosing Book Friends Names.

  1. Great blog post, Katie and Jessie,
    I try to choose names that I think realistically their parents would’ve chosen for them. So I look at class, education and also the time and place. I also try to make sure it suits their personality and character So a lot goes into characters names .

    • Hi Ruth.

      Thanks Hun.

      I think that’s a great way to choose names. It’s always good if the name suits the character as well.:) I agree a lot goes into finding just the right name for characters.

      I hope you and Izzy are well.

      Take care.

  2. Hey Katie
    great post and great wee film! I agree names are very very important. Like Ruth i look at class, education, place and time. I also like to find names that sound right and suggest more than first seems. This doesn’t always work, in fact, almost never but I keep trying! ;O) For example, I picked Townsend for my DS Louisa character’s surname because I like the seriousness of it and the subliminal suggestion of a place being at the end/finished/back of beyond/hellish/ … also the subliminal connection to other similar sounding phrases, sich as “end of tether’, “wits end”, etc etc. For me the name hints at the sometimes sinister nature of Louisa’s work, without being too macabre. This is very probably more in my head than anyone else’s but that doesn’t matter, it pleases me 🙂

    • Hi Marianne.

      Thanks Hun.. I think that’s a great way to pick names looking at place and class etc.. I also like the idea of names that sound right and suggest more than first thought. I think that Townsend is a great last name. I like the idea that it is connected to similar phrases like ‘end of tether’ my Nan on my mums side used to love say’She was at the end of her tether’ he he. I agree it doesn’t matter if it’s more in your head than anyone else’s.If it’s important to you than that’s important to your story.

      I always find names special because that name will follow around that character for the rest of his or her days. She/ he will be remember for the good or bad or difference by that name. So I love nothing more than looking into them a lot.:)

      I hope you’re well.

      Take care.

  3. Hi Jessie, and Katie,
    Thank you for a great blog post. I especially enjoyed the photos and film. It looks like Jessie has been having a great time. 🙂
    As to character names, I also look at the character’s background and time to try to find a name I like. After this I prioritise meaning, trying to find a name with a meaning which seems appropriate. Sometimes, however, I just choose a name which seems “right” to me. 🙂

    • Hi Kendra.

      Jessie say why thank-you, I’ve been having a squeaking fantastic time. 🙂

      I think that’s a great way to look in to names. It’s great to also be able to just pick one that seems right too. 🙂

      I hope you are well.

      Take care.

  4. Hi Katie,
    Good to see Jessie writing a blog post! Names are hard to pick and meaning is real important. Lastnames are especially important and I do believe they can define a character.

    Ash & Jess

    • Hi Ash.

      Jessie say why thank-you, nice to see you and Jess too. 🙂 I agree names are important because a name lasts a life time. I love looking into last names, there are some great ones. 🙂

      Take care.
      Jessie &Katie.

      • Hi Katie,
        That’s true. Names can be sharp or sweet sounding. For someone of authority you’d pick something that sounds a bit stern. Do you prefer common or unique last names for characters?

        Take care 🙂 ,

        Ash & Jess

      • Hi Ash & Jess

        I agree last names can sound stern and commanding or Sweet and welcoming. I agree last names should in part bring out a character personality at time. I like some of the common one but love Unique one too. I think it all depends on what I’m writing about. What about you?

        Take care.

        Jessie and Katie.

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