Holly’s Thoughts On Inspiration

Holly blog insptation

Holly’s Thoughts On Inspiration

Meow all fur-balls and friendly humans. I have made it onto my human’s blog because I have a question and my human has her mind in a book, so she will be so surprised that tomorrow her blog post will of already been done.

Well, let me begin by saying the sun has finally gone in and it has rained. I think there has even been thunder out there this week. I have happily been watching Smokey from the window out in the rain. I think he’s a fool to go out there, then he meows about his fur getting wet to me all day long.  I have also taken over being read to by our human friend.  I like to hear about the wonders of the worlds behind the black lines. I think they are lines anyway.

While listening to my human talk one day this week about inspiration to another human, not a cat. It brought up the question what was inspiration? Was it a new toy? I soon found out it wasn’t. I then played cat detective on the matter and found out that it was indeed magic all around me. Like my favourite red mouse and Smokey who gave me inspiration to stay indoors.

I decided to watch my human and wondered if indeed I was her inspiration? As I sit closest to her when she writes. I kept a thought in my wise furry brain of every time she said ‘look Holly that’s what really inspired me’ I think the top three are her Friends she always say how they give her inspiration. Snow she love the cold white stuff, and her door that has the name of her book written on it.

After making my paws tired all day following her around. I watched her write and write and then she threaten the poor net box with a trip out the window if it didn’t light up. I knew I had to get my paws on her blog to ask my question. I even added some photos to help the magic of inspiration. I best go hid my red mouse and get my nap in before I hear. ‘Oh Holly, you’re a good friend blogging for me,’ Purrs to you all.

My question before I forget it among my many thoughts. What things give you inspiration? Or if you’re a writer like my human. What inspiration have you found, that inspired your writing?

8 thoughts on “Holly’s Thoughts On Inspiration

  1. Great blog!
    That is a hard question! I think Izzy gets her inspiration from sleeping!
    I can get it when I’m doing shopping, or housework or when I’m in the bath!! So, it can be when I’m not thinking about it. That is why I’m always taking my notebook with me. 🙂

    • Hi Ruth.

      Thanks Hun. Holly say Izzy sleeping is a great way. Us cats and our dreams. 🙂
      Ruth I think that’s great idea to have you notebook with you everywhere. I too see my human making note at all different time, normal on the ipod with the headphone I like to hid from her. 🙂 She don’t like me doing that through. 😉

      Have a perrfect day Ruth and Izzy… 🙂

  2. Hi Holly,
    I’m glad to see that you are helping Katie write her blog posts. : )
    I too, find that my friends inspire me, especially my writing friends who help encourage me to continue writing. : ) I also like writing when it is cold outside. But what inspires me most is probably landscape and memory. I’m not quite sure how to explain that! I suppose it is the need to remember, and to capture a feeling before it is lost, however untrue the facts may appear, that creates in me a need to write.
    Thank you for an interesting, and well written, blog post. I like the photos too.
    Best wishes, Kendra

    • Hi Kendra.

      Why thanks, I’m putting my cat smarts to good use today. 🙂

      That’s lovely that you find friends inspire you like my human does… And the cold is the best weather too. I know in our house we are wishing for snow this year. Best weather ever. The landscape is something that is very inspiring as it changes from place to place so Smokey tells me. He been out there. I think I know what you mean, like the feeling of being in a place or with someone. Or even just looking down a street and feeling like you’ve been there before and need to capture all these things before they are lost or forgotten. No matter if they are from a character trying to jump on to a page or from a memory that you need to keep forever because you may not get that same feeling or sense of place again. kinda thing.

      Thanks I’m glad you like the photos too. 🙂

      Have a purrfect day Kendra.

  3. Great post! I like the idea of writing the title of your book on the door! Reading a great book and talking to my writer friends help inspire me. Also, like others have said, wanting to write down memories — especially unusual ones!

    • Hi Louisa

      Thanks Hun.
      It’s a special door. A friend made it for me. It’s lovely. I agree reading great book is a great way to get inspired and chatting to writing friends too.
      I agree writing down memories is a great way as well. 🙂

      I hope you are well.

      Have a Purrfect Saturday. 🙂

  4. Jess agree with Holly. Thunder mean go inside. :3 Jess staying at Leo’s at moment lol.

    Great post! I think we get inspiration from little things we like and build on it. Inspirational people and quotes gives us an idea of how we want to change something for the better.

    I’m inspired by you Katie. I truly admire your determination and ability to keep writing. xxx

    • Hi Ashley

      Holly say us girls gotta stick together Jess. Is Leo making you welcome Jess. 🙂

      Thanks Hun!I agree people and quotes does give us an idea of how we can change things for the better.

      Awww thank-you you Hun that means a lot. You inspire me too the way you work hard on your study’s. I hope they continue to go well.

      Take care.

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