Thoughts about Online Writing Courses.


Thoughts about Online Writing Courses.

I think online courses can be great for any writer, not just to hammer those skills that everyone needs to write a story. But also to gain inspiration and confidence in your own ability as a writer.

The writing courses I took was really well thought-out and only ran for ten weeks. I remember my first course Creative Writing One. It was really exciting and eye-opening at the same time, and by the end of the course I had finished the first half of The Naked Sleepwalker’s Christmas.’ among a few other short pieces. It help me in a short time learn a lot about my writing and how I processed information and honestly I can’t stop writing now.

I loved the way the course worked. Starting with an assignment to read and put into practice and then getting feedback from fellow writers. Also great advice as well as feedback from very nice tutors who were always willing to answer any questions. I also loved that after the course was almost over students could put a piece of writing up on the site for others to read.

I was reading some of the stories and poems on the course site the other day. I really enjoy reading them. Here’s the link for anyone who wants to read the great stories and poems in story corner. Congratulations to all the writer/authors on some great stories and poems 🙂

If you’ve taken a course did it help you? Would you recommend it to others?



9 thoughts on “Thoughts about Online Writing Courses.

  1. Great blog!
    I think you are right. The courses we did were helpfully in so many ways. At the end I had friends, half a book, and an editor as well! The many thing was how it help with my writing and to be confident to show other people my writing.

    • Hi Ruth.

      Thanks 🙂

      I agree with you there. I did too make friends and by the end of my last course a full first draft. And an great editor that helped me loads.
      I think its great that it helped your writing and confidence, it’s never easy to share writing with others.:) It did me too.

      I hope you are well and Izzy.
      Take care.

  2. Hi Katie, great blog post and thanks so much for mentioning writingclasses and saying how much you enjoyed the courses and how they helped to inspire you to keep writing. Before I set up writingclasses, back in the day when there was virtually no online anything, I did one of the first online MA’s in creative writing. It transformed my life because of exactly what you said: it gave me the skills and the confidence to write, and I made some good friends along the way. And all this from the comfort of my own home, which meant I could fit in the studying while bringing up two my children and running a B&B, two full time jobs by themselves! When I finished the MA it occurred to me that many beginner writers would not only love the online experience but also welcome some straightforward, practical writing advice. You see when I started out on the rocky road to becoming a writer there was a lot of what I would call airy-fairy, touchy-feely, you’re either a gifted writer with a vision from the off, or you’re nothing, sort of nonsense around. And so writingclasses was born. Thanks again!

    • Hi Marianne.

      Thanks. 🙂 How are you? I hope you’re well.

      I love your story behind why you set up writingclasses.

      It’s great that you found an MA’S creative course helped you in the same way your courses help your students.

      Online does help with fitting other things and it’s not limited to the computer either. I could get your class on my iPod so could walk around while reading. 😉 I really think writingclasses achieved helping others to write in a fun interactive and helpful way.

      Take care.
      Katie. 🙂

    • Hi Marianne,
      Thanks for an interesting story about how writingclasses began. I really enjoyed the courses I took there and I credit them with helping me on the long, rocky road to ‘becoming’ (whatever that means) a writer. I really appreciated the practical element of the courses and the lack of airy-fairy stuff, which I find problematic, and damaging, to would-be writers. I’m glad that some of us have moved on from that, and that there are schools such as writingclasses around!
      Thanks again for everything.
      Best wishes, Kendra

  3. Hi Katie,
    Thanks for another thoughtful blog post. 🙂 I really enjoyed the classes I took at too, and found them to be invaluable in my development as a writer. I had written before taking online classes, and taken writing classes in the past, but it had been a few years. The courses I took at writingclasses, helped me to develop confidence and new skills as a writer as well as making new writer friends, such as yourself and Ruth. All of which gave me the stamina I needed to complete my novel and continue writing. I really enjoyed the online format not only because you could work anywhere and in your own time, but also because there was no standing in front of a large group of people and reading out your work. I think this also meant that tutors, and students, had the time to read everyone’s work and comment on it–the whole point of a writing course, surely. When I have looked at other writing programmes, very few of them make a point of reading and commenting on every student’s work. I think this is one of the most valuable things about So, I would definitely recommend it.
    Best wishes, Kendra

    • Hi Kendra.

      Thanks, 🙂 I agree with you. I think writingclass did help me too develop as a writer. I also like the set-up of their course. I think you’re right not many courses online do the coming together thing and commenting on each-others work. I too agree that a huge advantage is not having to stand up and read aloud.

      Also making friends with other writers such as yourself and Ruth has helped me with confidence too. 🙂

      I hope you’re well.
      Take care.

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