The Musings Of Smokey.


The Musings Of Smokey.

2014-08-01 07.30.51

Meow to all fellow people and furry friends. I’m doing the humans typing today sigh. A cats work is never done. Well let’s get on with the paw typing, before it turns into a post on dreamie treats and needing my cat-nap. 🙂

While nudging my human for dreamies. I have seen her making strange marks all over her writing. I think she’s getting ready to read it to me again. She reads to me a lot. So I’ve began to see what the whole reading thing’s about. If only the books were written in cattish.

If your human friends like to write and read hide behind the sofa with your paws over your ears. Who advised her to read out loud should also tell her ‘I have a headache or I need to go chase a rubber mouse!’ ‘I don’t want to listen I just want treats.’ I meow at her. I get ‘Oh Smokey you wanna hear? Come to me,’ Paws in ears I tell you.

Other news I turned six last month and I feel like a big fur-ball now.  I think I better add a big fur-ball subject… Here goes. What animal is ideal for a writer? There has to be one right? If witches have cats. Harry Potter had an owl.

My suggestion is Jessie my dog friend, she could listen and watch for hours.

What’s your suggestion for the perfect writers pet?

12 thoughts on “The Musings Of Smokey.

  1. Izzy likes me reading TSF but could that be the cat treats I’ve just given her!
    She is a perfect companion as I write as she snuggles up in the study with me, snoozing as I write!
    Great blog post from your furry friend!

  2. I think cats are the perfect writer’s pet. They are cuddly, cute and like to sit with you but don’t require as much attention as a dog (sorry Jessie!), thereby allowing you to continue writing your story. Happy Birthday Smokey and thanks for a great post!

    • Hi Kendra.

      I agree cats are great writers pet, they are cute.
      Smokey say ‘Thanks for the birthday wishes, No Me too busy wanting dreamies’ 😉

      Hope you’re all well.

  3. I appreciate I am amongst cat lovers, but for me, dogs are writers best friend ;o) Great new blog, Katie, sorry I didn;t find it sooner.

  4. Lovely blog! I also like Smokey’s name — my grandparents used to have an old gray cat called Smokey. She was very grumpy, though! But I still liked her! 🙂

    • Hi Louisa

      Thank-you 🙂

      Smokey say ‘why thank-you’ Your grandparents cat sounds adorable, how can anyone resist loving a grumpy cat.:)
      Smokey is a grumpy little cat too.He has claws and knows how to use them!But he has his sweetie sides.

      I hope you’re well.

      Take care.

  5. Hi Smokey!
    I relate to what you’re saying but mostly with human playing music. Big noise and practice and human think I want to listen.

    Cat definitely perfect pet but not for asking to listen when we want treats.

    Love Jessica 🙂

    • Hi Jessica.

      I’m glad someone does, human’s playing music :O I feel your pain Jessica need cat muffs for ears. 🙂

      I agree with you, but we hide till we get treats… 🙂

      You have a perrfect day
      Smokey. x 🙂

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